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  1. They were waiting for the CW announcement for confirmation on a Giga/Hyper combo so SFNE could do a Boomerang/GIB combo, isn't it obvious?
  2. Thanks for a great day Robb, TPR and everyone at Hershey Park! It was my first TPR trip and after having such a blast I plan on doing many more.
  3. Speaking of GADV, I hate that the GP think that Kingda Ka is the best ride in the park. My last ride on it (almost 2 weeks ago) it was extremely rough and I sat in the 4th row. It literally shook the crap out of me the whole ride, and you can hear the trains shake going over the camel hump.
  4. ^ I've never heard of them but from the looks of it, they have an event every Sunday in the amphitheater so it shouldn't cause any additional crowds.
  5. Good little news clip. Much better than the two sentence article on their webpage. Was that your POV footage Robb or did CBS tape their own?
  6. I just got back from the park a few hours ago (7/26/2011) and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The weather was nice for a change, (high 80's, low humidity) and the park wasn't too crowded. We arrived at the safari around 9:45am or so and got into the park just after 10:30am. We headed straight for Kingda Ka...figuring we would get it out of the way first. The line was probably 30-45minutes long and as soon as we got in line the ride shut down and they kicked everyone out of line. We thought about going to Green Lantern but figured that was everyone else's plan. We went to El Toro which was a walk up to the station and maybe a 5-10minuted station wait. We rode in the Stride wrapped train which I think is very ugly and we a sat on a wheel seat (last row of the second to last car) and you could definitely feel any bumps on the track, however it still delivered. The ejector air was even more intense than I remember. After that we went onto Rolling Thunder just because it was a walk up the the station and then headed to Bizarro (also a walk right into the station) which had audio working on our train. The ride didn't have the B&M rattle I remembered except for right after the cobra roll before the MCBR. It did have to Auger of doom with the mist and lights working. After that we rode Runaway Mine Train which was meh in the front and felt more like you were getting pushed which wasn't very comfortable. Then we headed to the opposite side of the park to Skull Mountain thinking it was air conditioned, it wasn't, and it wasn't that fun towards the front either. Then we went to Dark Knight, which WAS air conditioned, yay!! Boring generic mouse but it didnt have a line (one cycle behind going into the show area.) but we rode it to get out of the heat. After that came B:TR which had about a 20minute wait and then Nitro front row which was about a half hour wait. We went on Kingda Ka later in the day and it was extremely rough for me even though we sat in the second row of the second car. We went on Green Lantern to end the night which was pretty go, 10000x better than Shockwave at KD (my only other stand up.) Overall it was a good trip and the lines were not very long. I did notice in almost all the stations when they did visual scan the ops put their hands above their heads which didn't look like they could see very well.
  7. The Great Nor'easter at Morey's Piers, it was my first SLC and will most likely be my last.
  8. It is actually, it has two 70mph launches so, 70mph x 2 launches = 140mph.
  9. This is how it has always been for me at Great Adventure except for one time I went during one of the Thursday night concerts...big mistake. I just wasn't sure if anything has changed, I guess it stills seems to be hit or miss with the crowds. Hopefully this past heatwave will thin out the crowds even with it cooling down next week, I really hate waiting in lines at Six Flags on a hot day and I absolutely refuse to pay any sort of money on a flashpass.
  10. I'm probably going to Great Adventure this upcoming Tuesday (7/26/11) and it will be my first trip to the park in 2 years. How have crowds been this season on Tuesdays, and how much more crowded is the boardwalk now with the addition of Green Lantern?
  11. ^ I went to Morey's July 5th, which was my first time and boy were the coasters rough for me. Nor'easter was absolutely brutal and the boomerang was ok going forward but was pretty rough for me on the backwards run. Great white seemed to be the smoothest (even though its not actually smooth). We sat somewhere in the middle of the train, front row of the car. I had more fun on Flitzer, Doo Whopper and the small red coaster with the OTSR (I can't remember the name). I did not notice any markings on the pier but I wasn't looking at the time and when we got to the pier with "It" on it, it was already dark out. I think that the new woody should help the park and give them a solid ride.
  12. ^I think we get to test a super secret new candy bar, one that will put Slugworth out of business for good!
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