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  1. Boulder Dash yesterday evening, with an amazing ride in the backseat!
  2. I believe Morey's is just starting to build the new GCI since they are starting the mini-golf deconstruction, (I think). As for Nor' Easter, definitely one of the better SLCs out there. Minimal headbanging and an all around good ride thanks to the new trains. I reccommend sitting in the front, but it doesn't actually matter where you sit since any seat is relatively smooth-ish. Morey's really does a good job maintaining their coasters. Sea Serpent is almost a masterpiece, (or maybe a miracle...), considering how smooth it is!
  3. I don't know if I should feel ashamed or accomplished that I haven't seen one single episode of this show, and i'm from Jersey! But from what I heard, it really makes me think again about going back to Seaside anytime soon.
  4. ^ After confronting DM, you would know no fear. Oh yes, i'm afraid of puppets and the dark. Peferably not together.
  5. See if you can guess which ride I am trying to recreate. Look familiar? I'm still trying to decide if I can complete this project since the school year is starting again. Any tips?
  6. Either 'Intimidator 305' or 'Batman: The Ride' would win the intensity cake. Even though i only rode i305 once, I was amazed by just the sheer raw power and speed that thing ran, and this was after the trims were installed too! I could only imagine what a brake-less ride would be like... Batman on the other hand is relentless positives throughout the entire ride. The tight first drop into some speedy inversions, and no MCBR! It still hurts my legs alot, but Batty always gives a thrilling ride.
  7. My ever-changing Top Ten list... 1. Storm Runner 2. Nitro 3. Intimidator 305 4. Wild One 5. Phoenix 6. Fahrenheit 7. El Toro 8. Alpengeist 9. Volcano: The Blast Coaster 10. Steel Force
  8. ^ But still, a B&M Dive Machine would be twice as tall and have a much better capacity. Most of the GP would see it as 'Fahrenheit x2' instead of 'just another steep drop'. I should really wait until for information is available to wait and see if it is a coaster, but if it is, predict it will be an Intamin hypercoaster that borrows much from the recent Mega-lite/i305 style.
  9. ^^^ Wow, that's the most intricate coaster facade i've ever seen, I like it! Anyways, my last coaster was an evening ride on Skull Mountain last Friday.
  10. A few of my favorites are... - Nitro's Ravine drop into the brakes. - Runaway Mine Train's last turn on the lake. - Jokers Jinx's final corkscrew. - Expedition Everest's yeti! (when it still worked, that is...) - Volcano's last roll and the plunge into the darkness! As for my least favorites, I'd say... - Great Bear's meandering turns after the cork - Rebel Yell's ear-piercing tunnel
  11. ^^^ Exaggeration or not, I have to agree. Tidal Force shows no mercy in getting you wet! As for my favorite water rides, I think either Coal Cracker at HP or the late Moon Flume/Riptide at SFGAdv tie. Personally, I liked those old Arrow Hydro flumes, especially for those air humps at the bottom of the drop. Splash Mountain would win my 'sentimental' favorite water ride.
  12. Well I lol'd. But it was probably paid for by Six Flags and their crazy Ad/PR Department. "Suupaman... Batman the riiide... FUNNNN."
  13. Maybe us Jersey people are immune to horrible water. BTW, The water fountians at SFGAdv are pretty bad, but i'm certain there are no "toxins" contaminating it. I'm still alive.
  14. Did I really just read that? It disappoints me when I read something like this, a lousy news report article on how "dangerous" amusement rides are. It's all about fear mongering now, and not about anything good a park has ever done. The article really speaks for itself with the "Train Ride" being a pretty obvious roller coaster and having a picture of El Toro in place of Timber Wolf, (i'm sure google images isn't that hard to use!)
  15. Uhhh, drown? Burning is no fun. Would you rather toast bread or toast a bagel?
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