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  1. This was posted on Great Adventure's Facebook: "i am 5'9 will i be able to put my hands up on eltoro without hitting my hands"
  2. I believe that they will run all 3. Bizarro has run all 3 every time I went, and that ride is EMPTY! Also, I read somewhere that there are going to be 6 people working in the station.
  3. Wow this ride is looking great, the only things that look off are the black chain link fences and the currogated black wall on the inside of that trench.
  4. I know, lol. It was a joke. My entire family wouldnt ride it, me and my brother would though. Regardless of height requirement, its going to be an incredible ride.
  5. 2 hours for Fahrenheit. No mist . If you know what Fahrenheit's queue looks like, picture it full and out of the gate on a very hot day with no mist. Hell! My uncle went to Great Adventure for Kingda Ka's opening day. 11 hrs.
  6. I never said people hate The Hulk, I said I hear lots of negative things about it. I constantly hear that "its too short and not great".
  7. - Dark Knight at SFGAdv - Skull Mountain at SFGAdv - Kingda Ka at SFGAdv (I don't know about hate but a lot of people dislike it's short layout) - The Incredible Hulk at IOA (I hear a ton of negativity about this, but its in my top 5 steel coasters) That pretty much wraps up all of the major ones. There are a ton of smaller Pinfari, Arrow, and some companys I have not heard of coasters that I went on all the time before I started getting on bigger coasters. Everyone classifies these as rough, painful, and boring but I dont find any coasters rough out of all that I have been on (minus Rolling Thunder at SFGAdv and Wildcat at Hershey)
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