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  1. You know what irks me? When mods think post counts actually matter when they don't, especially when the member joined almost a year ago... So Jordy kindly declines the offer and says please get back on topic, but you 2 keep responding about it ignoring the thread creator's wishes to get back on topic. That's not considered forcing? If not then what is? False. Read above. It was never resolved in the first place. oh NOW you want to listen to him... Me too. Hey Krypt, if you don't like how we run our forum.... LEAVE! Not joking. Go away, don't come back, don't let the internet door smack your A$$ on the way out. Otherwise, don't give us s**t on how we run our shop. Got it? Good! .......... Carry on now.... Im not gonna lie. This made me lol. I showed this to some friends on msn. They are lol'ing too. Can you sound anymore childish? *2nd grader voice* "Go away, I don't like you. Got it? Good!" Oh boy...
  2. Although I've seen most of this stuff already I still have to say you have some very cool things going on there Jordy. I love those Joris en de Draak trains! Going to use then realy soon too
  3. As creator of his own custom content, only he has a say in whether wants his content uploaded here or not, not you. You shouldn't be trying to force him to do anything. "In addition, you should be uploading your files, etc. to the Games Exchange" Since when should he be uploading it to this site and why should he? It is not necessary that he upload it to this site. His content, his right. Following the mediafire links provided are just as easy. You still click a download button don't you? Jordy chooses mediafire. Let it go... Haha great to see you here Jordy.
  4. This is an intamin accelerator I started a while ago. Originally this started out as a blender model for a school final project in my english class, but now I will be turning this into a ride. :up: This is the what the future brings us. A little video preview what is to come. RCT3 Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum - Intamin Accelerator Track The Future looks bright! RCT3 - CT Test v2.0 TurnA (Custom Track)
  5. Oh my. What an amazing ride! Now how in the world did they fit all that in that tiny little square? Twins. Yum!
  6. Thanks. I think I figured out what you meant. The picture you took that from is actually one of my 4 reference pictures. It is such a bad picture though. I can barely see a thing besides the track. Hopefully I got it right though. Thank you very much. I will try to turn that into an alpha plane and stick it on the fence. @ Brandon - Thanks. @ Tiger01 - Thanks a lot for the pictures. And I am glad you enjoyed your trip. My attempt at the one odd support,
  7. Thanks tiger01! ^Thanks. I am aware of the missing sign. The person who I am making this for is going to Alton Towers soon, so he promised to take a reference pic for me so that I could make it. If you happen to have a pic of the sign though that I could use, that would be great. For the fence part, I am not quite understanding what you mean. Also, I did notice that one odd support. I was going to model it, but I just don't have a clear shot of what that support looks like, so I am not quite sure how to model it. If you or anyone else can find a great reference pic of that support, that would be great as well.
  8. Thanks a lot man. Glad you like it. Im sure people can find another use. Maybe a construction site or something? Lol thanks. Lord Laharl ftw! More crossties for a more realistic look, and a little something else.
  9. A friend of mine is doing a huge project and I am helping him out by making a few objects. The project: my friend is making the ultamite recreation of Alton Towers and he needed it to be as realistic as possible, so I modeled this myself. The Corkscrew monument at the entrance of the park.
  10. Thank you. I was only gonna post the thread on SGW, but I guess I can post one here too.
  11. Hey wazzup! I am Krypt. I live 10 mins away from Six Flags over Texas. I am a custom content creator for RCT3. CTRs, CS, CFRs, Custom Paths, and maybe even custom tracks in the near future.
  12. You are missing a folder. Be sure to save your Path folder as well. Some of us (me included) have been making custom paths for the game.
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