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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Best moments:

Maverick's first airtime hill just sends you FlYING.

El Toro's Rolling Thunder hill, my thighs hurt the next day. Incredible might be an understatement.

Bizarro (SFNE) the two that run next to the lift were just fantastic, it was very strong, and long lasting!

Xcelerator going down the tophat in the back is great!

Magnum was amazing on the "return trip" I said "Oh sh*t!" on all of the hills.


Best coasters with airtime:

The ones above.

Diamondback in the front had ejector/really strong floater on the big hills. The small ones was weak floater at best. Still an awesome ride.

Ravine Flyer II fantastic! Very strong airtime that lasted quite a while on most of the hills.

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The following rides currently have the best ride I've experienced.


Coaster @ PNE Playland

Cyclops @ Mt. Olympus

Phoinex @ Knoebels

Jackrabbit @ Kennywood

Phantoms Revenge @ Kennywood

Comet @ Great Escape

Magnum XL 200 @ Cedar Point

Maverick @ Cedar Point

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Although SoCal coasters kinda suck in the airtime department, California Screamin' emerges as my favorite (especially the first hill after the launch).


Worst airtime is voted to Grizzly @ CGA's!! That ride sucked and was boring as h... sorry, I dozed off for a second just thinking about it!

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