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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Definitely a close toss up between El Toro and Phoenix for me. I think Phoenix pulls out on top because I remember getting off thinking "I almost could of fallen out of the train" because of the amount space between my legs and the lap bar! Those last 4 hills=best airtime ever!

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The first drop, first airtime hill, and mini hill on Maverick were phenomenal! Raptor in the back seat on the first drop had great airtime too!


I sat in the second row on Raptor. That turn after the pre drop was as forcefull as those wingovers. I did get the sensation of airtime, looks like the next time I ride raptor (May ) I'm riding in the back first.



For Me:


Skyrocket's Top Hat @ Kennywood, front seat.

-That ejector air was amazing


Corkscrew @ CP.

Yes I know, but that airtime was very unexpected and was quite pleasant and painless. I don't quite remember where I sat, but it was the only time I've ever felt/enjoyed the good airtime corkscrew surprisingly offers. It's one of those hidden gems that I have to rediscover next season.

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Skyrush did have absolutely insane airtime, but I still prefer Phoenix at Knoebel's much more, simply because of the multiple bunny hops in a row, the loose restraints, and the fact that that ride makes me laugh like an idiot the whole time for some reason.

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I haven't been on a ton of Airtime machines sadly. My Top 5 are below.


1. Voyage - Rode it when it was new in 2006 and if had some great airtime.

2. Magnum - Got a trimless ride and the airtime was just INSANE

3. Maverick - Those couple of Airtime hills are great

4. Apollo's Chariot - Speaks for itself

5. Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFDK) - Purely for the fact that none of us expected that it would have the airtime it has.


Honorable Mention: GhostRider - This is referring to back in the day when it wasn't trimmed to S#!t in the middle.

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Phoenix has some insane airtime, and is probably my number one. Next would probably be El Toro, with honorable mention to Superman: Ultimate Flight. S:UF doesn't have 'normal' airtime, but that ride seriously tries to throw you out of the train!

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This may have already been done before, but if it hasn't, I'm looking forward to seeing your opinion on this.


What's the greatest single airtime hill on a coaster you've ever ridden?

Could be a floater hill, a speed hill, a first drop, a double down, anything: Just as long as it's a hill and it has airtime.


In case you still don't know what I mean, the floater hill just before the grand turnaround on Magnum XL-200 is my favorite. Three solid seconds of glorious flight.

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