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  1. For the bulk of New York State, Darien is the only major park. It is not going anywhere. The reason they don't build is that they do not really have stiff competition.
  2. Yeah I wasn't sure the colors seemed kind of bright. I have a pretty old Canon Powershot 6 Megapixel that is slowing down, the last update was with that. I'm too poor to get another camera though.
  3. Boy they are flying! So much progress just in a day! What kind of camera do you have? Beautiful quality
  4. I like me a good Gewurztraminer. Atwater, Wagner and Swedish Hill Rieslings are fantastic. Finger Lakes wineries are great.
  5. Do me a favor and go to your Liquor store and buy Hazlitt Red Cat. You will be surprised. You can't dismiss all colder climate wines because of that. http://hazlitt1852.ewinerysolutions.com/index.cfm?method=plocations.showpage
  6. You should check out the Finger Lakes wine trails and the Erie-Chautauqua wine trails. They are great. Especially Hazlitt (Red Cat Wine) and Wagner's on the Finger lakes and Johnson Estate on the Erie Trail. Excellent wineries. I'm as much of a Wine-o as a Coaster enthusiast Other thing to remember is that many of the California wineries source their grape juice from New York vineyards. Especially in Erie because they supply to a bunch of different grape related companies. Welch's all comes from the Erie-Chautauqua region. Finger Lakes Heaven, Seneca is especially beautiful with great wineries
  7. The Beast is a great ride. I think the problem with these coasters more is that they attempted to have too many high acrobatic moves without enough speed to go into them. They have or had a tendency to crawl through the parts that are at a high elevation. Mean Streak is notorious for this, and Hercules was notorious after the turn on the lake. Hercules momentum was killed right after the turn on the lake. It is poor engineering. I mean what do you say about all of the classic coasters with PTCs? The only Gravity Group coaster I have rode is Ravine Flyer due to geography and the PTCs are just fine on there. http://articles.mcall.com/1989-04-20/features/2694252_1_coaster-world-records-record-drop It is poor engineering. The man was "scared" of negative G's. Something is wrong with an engineer that says that. These were poorly engineered rides. The reason they are trimmed is because they will tear themselves apart, not so much the PTCs.
  8. Like em or hate em, there has to be a favorite of the pack. http://articles.mcall.com/1989-04-20/features/2694252_1_coaster-world-records-record-drop "Negative G's scare the rider too much" Steel coasters "are a lot like eight-track tape players," Geisler says. In a few years something more exciting or effective comes along, making what it replaced obsolete. But wooden coasters have a lasting charm that many in his organization enjoy, Geisler says.
  9. What is your favorite Summers/Dinn coaster poll (Past or Present)? I really enjoyed Hercules, the ride was great just for the pre-lift, drop and turn over the lake, the rest not so much. I really liked that ride.
  10. I really enjoyed Hercules, the pre lift and drop with turn over the lake were amazing. After that not so much, but just those things made it great. Hercules was originally proposed to have a double down drop.
  11. Oh yeah mixed up the two. It has been a while since I've worked with the hardware.
  12. Proximity switches are double sided as well meaning they have two sensors with a laser. This track piece only has 1 bar.
  13. One coaster that I do not think gets the attention that it should is Swamp Fox at Family Kingdom. That is a fun little coaster.
  14. I know that is how Talon and Hydra's are mounted. I can't say B&Ms in general, but those are.
  15. Thank you for all of the feedback guys! Does this give me redemption as not being anti-hershey? Generally the sensors are placed within the track though, we'll see though. My mouth literally dropped when I first saw that drop sticking up.
  16. I took a bunch of photos today when I drove by it today on a cross state trip. My jaw dropped as soon as I saw it! Here is the album! You can see the view of it from town and down the road along with the view from the road, along with coaster parts being transported to the site with a truck. The parts field is getting more and more depleted, VERY EXCITING! All I can say is wow and this coaster will definitely deliver. They are also handling a swelled creek well now. I am not sure what they did, but the creek was high all over the place but they were able to control it today. http://www.flickr.com/photos/69758183@N08/sets/72157628516375315/with/6550877025/
  17. http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2011/12/original-dorney-park-hercules.html Pretty neat to see, original plans for Hercules posted on NewsPlusNotes. Mike always posts such great stuff over there. I'm on a Youtube spree and found all of these old goodies: 1990 Commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o_WBxZMt_Y Epic 80s commercial, in the middle of the video. Some other epic commercials in there too, gotta love the 16 digit party line! 1993 Batman the Ride and then another Dorney commercial, gotta say the B:TR commercial is pretty epic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8QFNMJRTMs 1986 Out there Dorney gymnastics related commercial, but what an epic weekend, we could go to Dorney Park AND see Top Gun AND Ferris Bueller in theaters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M_sYuNIlX8
  18. I actually really like the Helix and I never felt that roughness you are talking about. The other thing I love about that ride is that amazing view from the station. It just looks endless. It would make for a great horizon painting or drawing.
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