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  1. I never thought it was possible to be this ecstatic about repainted concrete!
  2. Definitely a better view than anything America, or anywhere for that matter, has to offer
  3. That view is gonna be ridiculously different looking in the next few months.
  4. It certainly looks more like a masterpiece than the eyesore I originally predicted.
  5. I completely forgot about this Bag of Crap that I won back in October/November, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this on my doorstep! Thanks Robb!! What could possibly be inside?? Noted! Hey look, crap! Tokyo Disney and King's Island park maps! Maps of Japanese parks that I've never heard of! Looks like I'll be spending some quality time with RCDB tonight ;] TPR pen/pencil, a Disney castmember's memoir, and... a DVD? This isn't just any DVD, it's Coaster Expedition Volume 6, featuring world-class music videos of European parks such as Europa Park, Holiday Park, Mirabilandia, Parc Asterix, Liseberg, Heide Park and more!!!
  6. Aw man you beat me! Well, here's the other picture of the reptilian train from CW's Facebook
  7. I laughed a little too hard at this Great report, Steve! Dollywood looks like a great park, I really hope I can get there in the next couple years.
  8. I think this coaster is coming to Florida, and although I have absolutely no facts to back this up, I am going to suggest this simply to represent my Orlando home parks. Yep, I'm definitely right
  9. The airtime that'll be on that first speed hill... oh god
  10. ^ They may add theming to the trains as the testing process goes on, like what they did with Manta at SWO http://rcdb.com/4190.htm?p=23185 Manta's front car before the extra theming was added.
  11. 4 duckies for me too. I can't believe I almost forgot to put in my guess!
  12. Thanks for the update! Do you know if it will be ready by the second weekend of operation?
  13. ^ That doesn't make any sense. That would cramp up boarding and everyone would get in each other's way.
  14. Locked! Thanks for the TR on the Empire State Building! The New Yorker part of me definitely appreciated this update. And lock me in for 4 duckies please!
  15. It was great to come home only to be welcomed by another Find the Ducky win! Lock me in for 5 duckies!
  16. The world will end when another Aquatrax is built.
  17. Well if you're going to Taiwan, maybe you're going to Leofoo Village Theme Park and/or Janfusun Fancyworld!
  18. CW has uploaded new construction pictures of the now completed Leviathan on Facebook. Here are, IMO, the best in the batch: This is gonna be one apprehension-filled lift hill Gorgeous drop Big barrel roll, little barrel roll Dragon Fire will certainly have amazing views of this coaster! When guests are leaving the park, this will be their view. Placing the last piece!
  19. ^Is right in so many ways. v Does not enjoy shoveling snow.
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