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  1. In case anyone missed this video, it shows a very (maybe perfectly) accurate recreation of what we've now seen. With this layout, this could be one of the most original B&M-hyper layouts I've seen in a while!
  2. Someone from CWMania (scroll down) has posted a picture of Leviathan's completed hammerhead.
  3. Looks like they're gonna showcase the front manta-car. It'll be a nice surprise for the people who didn't get to see it during IAAPA week, it looks incredible!
  4. I think it's in the 50s or 60s during the day this week. I'm one of those freaks who prefers the winter over summer, living in Florida can do that to you.
  5. I think we should use jcrouse's top half and ILoveRides' bottom half. In my mind that would be the perfect homepage!
  6. Right here! Just a couple miles away from its original location.
  7. I'm pretty SFGAm's wing-rider will be the only one to have 8 cars. Wild Eagle and Swarm, like Raptor, will both have 7 cars.
  8. I love that you made the Facebook feed gray as opposed to the usual white, it definitely makes it fit better with the rest of the page. I love it all!
  9. This doesn't surprise me. I have seen stupid GP comments on every single one of COASTERFORCE's videos. I feel bad for the guy who has to respond to all of their pointless questions/statements.
  10. 100% agreed with this idea. I truly am most impressed with Angry_Gumball's design, it looks like something that would fit perfectly on TPR. And that drop-down menu, IMO, would fit better on the homepage and keep it less clustered.
  11. Pandemonium deconstruction has begun! From SFDK's Facebook. "Check out the dismantling progress of Pandemonium today - after the small parts were removed yesterday, the heavy work got started. It will be just the skeleton of the ride before you know it ..."
  12. Though I'm not exactly up for the challenge of creating an entire new webpage, I do have a suggestion: What if TPR users could pick their own homepage backgrounds? There could be a large gallery of pictures somewhere (similar to what Gmail users can do on their Google homepage) and everyone could come to TPR, welcomed by a photo they really love! This feature could be awesome if done right!
  13. I found 8 duckies. One of them I'm not 100% sure of, but I like to go with the benefit of the doubt. Lock me in!
  14. HUGE apologies for double-posting (the guilt is truly destroying me),but CW has posted a new Leviathan update on Facebook. Station work, taken 12/29/11 Through the trees! Almost there.. As of today, the hammerhead is 50% complete.
  15. Not sure if anyone has posted an actual picture of the eagle statue yet, but Screamscape linked us to a picture of the (for now) wingless-monument from a local news reporthere Full report: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/dollywood-unveils-country-largest-steel-194300431.html
  16. Well my name is Bryce, and the 232 comes from the height of Intimidator, a coaster that I really want to ride. I previously used 230 (Nitro's height), but 232 is catchier
  17. But...RRR is really I mean REALLY quiet, especially for its high speeds. But the almost non-stop lift hill is extremely noisy.
  18. Those are incredible pictures! How much do those cabins cost? When I'm older I would love to stay there, especially with a view of both a B&M masterpiece AND the Smoky Mountains. It's like a two-fer-one special!
  19. For me, the only flats I would go out of my way to ride would be Max-air, S&S Screamin' Swing, S&S launched tower, drop tower, or a slingshot-type ride. Maybe because I hate low-to-the-ground spin rides. I've never puked on one, but I always predict that I will, so I prefer to stay away from them
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