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  1. ^ Agreed. Rode it twice yesterday in that row and I was pretty surprised at the airtime I got on the second vertical drop! I personally love Cheetah Hunt's drop from the tower, you get some good floater air on it! And the parabola hill always gets the most screams from the GP
  2. ^ Unless they changed it since last month, the 2nd row is used for quick queue people only. They get on the ride from the exit side.
  3. Spiders. I know they "protect the house from insects" but can they at least do that where I can't see them? They're ugly, scary, and any other adjective that makes someone shudder. If my mom yells for someone to kill one in the kitchen, my sister comes to the rescue, I stay locked in my room.
  4. ^It was definitely real. Not sure what you're talking about here.. Clearly a roller coaster can come entirely off the rails and perfectly jump right back onto it.
  5. After reading Legoland's thread, and my friend's texts about her trip to IOA (She rode one ride- Jurassic Park), I agree!
  6. I'll post pictures tomorrow, but I'll talk about my day now. We got into the park around 10:45ish and it didn't take long to realize that the park was sooper dooper crowded. So basically, if you went today and didn't have $50 to dispose of for an unlimited quick queue pass, you were in for a very long day. Luckily, I had some holiday money that got me 5 rides on Cheetah Hunt, 3 on SheiKra, and 1 on Kumba (wasn't feeling Montu today). In the late morning, the Cheetah Hunt crew was horrific. They took their time as they slowly pulled the seat belts of every car and there was at least a 5 minute gap between each dispatch. At least some crew members had some funky cheetah merchandise on, they looked pretty funny. SheiKra's crew was exceptional. They almost prevented stacking; there was maybe 15-30 seconds with 3 trains on the brakes waiting for the 2 to leave the station, so it was alright. Kumba, like last month, definitely had the winning crew. There was a three train operation and they acted like stacking was illegal. They had the next train on the lift hill by the time the other was going through either the corkscrew or helix section. Before leaving, I took 2 more rides on Cheetah Hunt and the crew was much better by then. I guess they just needed to wake up a bit. I'm very glad I bought the quick queue today because the lines for just about every ride was 90+ minutes.
  7. This coaster does have potential for being the dark horse of 2012. While everyone is in awe of Skyrush and/or Leviathan, this one is looking more and more impressive! And from the video, it does seem like there isn't much space between the bridge section and those footers, which could make that drop STEEP!
  8. Agreed. I can probably do the physical stunts because they look extremely fun. I've even fantasized my nickname a few times: Coaster Crazy!
  9. I'm such a Cheetah Hunt fanboy, but it definitely has one of the most unique support structure.
  10. I just hope that Seaworld's watching this video in case they're still stumped on the new Antarctica ride
  11. ^ I'll be going on Wednesday (for the last time this year :'( ). If you want me to take pictures of anything specific I can!
  12. Here's what I got: Angry Birds calendar and stickers Dunkin Donuts coffee Coffee mug from Walmart iHome GIANT new bulletin board and funky push pins to go with it American Pie Office chair (that "lets my butt breathe!") $100 from my grandparents Two t-shirts Gray Camouflage pajama pants And a black t-shirt that says "Got roller coaster?" Easily my favorite of the gifts
  13. We haven't opened Christmas presents yet (siblings are still sleeping ) but I've already gotten $350 for Hanukkah from the Jewish side of my family. Can't wait to see what's under that tree!
  14. Hopefully the crew will be just as good (but better for CH) when I go next week. When I went last month SheiKra's crew was painfully slow so it's nice to know that they've improved since.
  15. This is definitely one of my destinations for when I'm older and capable of travelling. This place looks incredible!
  16. I noticed that too, and I spent at least 5 minutes trying to figure out the angle this picture was taken from... the mirror image makes much more sense
  17. New picture from CWMania. The Hammerhead is currently being worked on:
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