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  1. CW has uploaded new construction pictures of the now completed Leviathan on Facebook. Here are, IMO, the best in the batch: This is gonna be one apprehension-filled lift hill Gorgeous drop Big barrel roll, little barrel roll Dragon Fire will certainly have amazing views of this coaster! When guests are leaving the park, this will be their view. Placing the last piece!
  2. ^Is right in so many ways. v Does not enjoy shoveling snow.
  3. Leviathan is COMPLETE!! A short video of the last piece being placed can be found at CW's Facebook page. Pictures and a blog update will be posted tomorrow!
  4. You made a good decision to get the hell out of America during Superbowl weekend. Props to that. I want to say I think you're either going to World Joyland, Seaworld Australia, or both! I can't decide whether the picture of Manta draws me closer to the Starry Night Ripper or just another Seaworld park. I'll probably have to wait a while before I make actual guesses.
  5. Whenever you get to that NBC Studios Tour, let me just tell you that you are going to absolutely love it! My family took the tour this past summer and we had a blast. The tour guides are amazing, the studios are flooded with hidden wires/cameras, and the SNL studio is definitely a site I will never forget! With that said, I have a feeling you're going to NYC to check off the ferris wheel, the NYC tour bus, and the NBC studio tour!
  6. Leviathan is almost done!! Photos courtesy of CW's Facebook page I've said it before and I'll say it again, CW is going to have the most incredible parking lot ever. That is one tall B&M. Station Construction on the last element of Leviathan. It should be done within the next couple weeks!
  7. How about this. What if you guys didn't post several pictures of the same view every time one new track piece or one new support is built? It would be much better if you waited it out for something that's actually worth looking at. If you could not post any more pictures until something significant happens (like the entire helix being built, or a camelback, or the entire drop), you would get tremendous amounts of feedback. Just my 2 cents.
  8. It must have taken a while to take all those great shots without the tourists getting in your way. Props to that!
  9. CW is gonna have one impressive parking lot atmosphere this summer! Picture posted on CW's Facebook
  10. I think it keeps anyone from changing their original answer, which could ultimately lead to cheating in some situations. But that's just my guess, it may be just for fun! By the way, locked!
  11. She died a hero. I would rather have seen someone like her captaining the cruise instead.
  12. Though it's not exactly my story, this drawing explains a sinful event that happened to someone else: If you have burrito knowledge, you will understand the pain of this person.
  13. Not anymore :'( Vekoma Stingray in China The new Gravity Group woodie with the high-five element in China Cheetah Hunt's figure-eight element and its three launches. Leviathan being B&M's only giga. Montu for being the only B&M invert with 7 inversions Powder Keg at SDC has that transfer track that takes it from the station to the launch. Riddler's Revenge for actually having a custom B&M stand-up layout
  14. I think this coaster may have just won the award for Most Amazing Entrance on a Wooden Coaster. I can't wait for the finished product!
  15. ^ I think I saw/read somewhere that the station will have an elevator!
  16. Levi's hammerhead is much larger and more angled than Nitro's 180 turn. Hopefully this helps clear up any curiosity:
  17. HUGE Leviathan update from CWMania! Many more pictures (AND VIDEOS!) here. Station CW guests will soon be welcomed by a new B&M masterpiece Hammerhead HEAD CHOPPER! Future photo-op??! This is gonna make one welcoming entrance!
  18. I never thought I'd see the day when a B&M was built right on top of another. Shambhala looks amazing already!
  19. I can't believe I missed the one on the colorful signs! I looked so hard at that picture :'( Oh well. Since 3/4 of my guesses have already been posted, here's the only one I'm not too sure of: I may be insane though, so if anyone thinks it's not a duck, just tell me because I'm still not 100% positive.
  20. Well, as a die hard cat lover I am slightly offended by some of these recent comments. That's alright, once the cats succeed in world domination, you'll be their first targets! I'm getting worried with all these people guessing 5 duckies :'( I'm really hoping 4 is the right answer!
  21. The front gate will never be the same.. Photo courtesy of CWMania
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