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  1. ^ Reminded me to check on my snakes < Owns 2 ball pythons v Is either jealous or is shivering in fear just at the thought of snakes
  2. I think Cedar Fair should call these people when they want to add lights to Dinosaurs Alive!
  3. One of their giraffes came from my local zoo, so it's nice to possibly have just seen her in your pictures! When I first rode Yeti last year, I was really surprised with how awesome it was. It kind of brings hope that Vekoma can still make some pretty kick ass coasters. Hopefully the new Avatar section will be awesome, I'd definitely be interested to see it when it opens
  4. 19 out of 26. Good enough I guess since I didn't know most of the international coasters. I also just learned that Intamin has made other wooden coasters besides El Toro and Balder! I never knew that..
  5. I definitely think BGT needs a new flat ride, and an S&S Screaming Swing may just be perfect. I liked Phoenix, but it's time for a replacement.
  6. Bridesmaids, in my opinion, is the funniest movie I've ever watched. You're gonna love it!
  7. I felt like posting pictures of my cats on TPR, so I am! Hopefully this thread comes back to life, seems like it's been pretty dead lately. This is Lunar. He's a little overweight This is his brother Oreo You can see where he gets his name They LOVE sink water This is Kiara. She's the princess of the house "Take my picture! Take my picture!"
  8. ^ Is right < Likes donkeys anyway v Secretly dislikes donkeys
  9. Flight of Fear at KD has only lap-bar restraints and it has tons of loops. Just one example. As does Blue Fire.
  10. Nothing special, but it's a lot of fun decorating it with the family!
  11. Is it just me or does every 2012 coaster seem to have a through-the-trees section? Seriously, this just looks amazing. From CW's Facebook
  12. From Screamscape. Could '722' be this or the Gringotts vault that has already been talked about? Discuss!
  13. ^ How did you know? < Everyday I'm tumbling v Should be sleeping at this late hour..
  14. That immelman/Grist Mill shot may be more required than the Mystery Mine/Wild Eagle shot!
  15. ^Wait, so you mean the construction site has been rampaged by boa constrictors!?
  16. A drop tower would be PERFECT for the Timbuktu area, that's where most of the flatrides are anyway. Plus, it'd be in the center of the entire park! Florida is definitely in need of something with that intensity level.
  17. LOVE that first shot. I'm definitely a Coaster-photo-taken-from-a-distance fanboy. It makes it look so much larger in comparison with the surrounding buildings and trees.
  18. I think a Twilight show would better fit Poseiden than Harry Potter. [/sarcasm] I really can't wait to see how Universal is gonna expand HP. Hoping that the Hogwarts Express rumor is true!
  19. I didn't realize how terrible Gwazi was until I rode El Toro. I guess my mom did have a reason to be shaking after she rode it...
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