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  1. If you know anything about the investigation going on I would not post anything. Management will be patrolling sites like this and screamscape etc. If you want to know things i suggest private messaging or texting the person.
  2. Actually more talent would fix it. If you paid attention with how they were advertising for job fairs. Put in perspective, Knott has 1,200 talent then on top of that blackout. Cga 800 or less. They were trying to hit that target
  3. To those complaining about haunt.. The ratio of actors to guests is low. Maybe if people on here applied and tried to get jobs as talent things would be better. Also the air room isn't gone just somewhere else in the maze.
  4. worst wooden, the beast or gwazi. the beast kills your knees and I'm 5'5 and gwazi well if you were a girl its more understandable. The stuff in the picnic pavilion is just it getting expanded so there is more shaded seating simple as that guys. Sometimes things are that simple.
  5. That was just an off day and I'm suprised they don't make the goldstriker crew clean graffiti last year we had to do it.
  6. Vortex at CGA when I was like just 54 inches so I had to be like 13. It made me scared of coasters for 16 years.
  7. I have a feeling that means they are either going through tpr or who ever comments the most on the CGA facebook. I mean its clear that they would like people who are more along the lines of general public but are still coaster knowledgeable that they can give an unbiased opinion.
  8. Was there any tpr members at the park today? Well yesterday techniqully.
  9. There was a big sponsored group their yesterday. Along with school groups. One of the reason flight decks line is so long is because of loose articles. Though if you came by near when it was closing for the fireworks it was moving fast because I was control then got moved to grouping and back to control.
  10. Actually, that analogy should work to people who like it. At least in my case, I like Scott Pilgrim, and everyone I know who has seen it likes it. However, most people who haven't seen it will not watch it, not being able to grasp the fact that it is actually a good movie. Ejector airtime seems to work the same way to many Californians, as they do not know how awesome it is, and, therefore, assume it is not that great and giant loops are better. In fact, if it weren't for Scott Pilgrim's high Rotten Tomatores score (that it deserves), I may have never watched the movie. However, this same website gave Adventureland an 89% (of which I think it does not deserve) In fact, to go back on topic, I really hate movies like FD3 and Adventureland, that depict amusment parks as being unsafe. It really dumbs down people's views on the industry, causing the usual GP 'roller coasters aren't safe!' I apologize I misunderstood what you meant. I don't really rely on reviews. They look for specific things and pick it apart. A movie is to escape reality. So is a theme park. You go there to have fun and not think of everything for a couple days.
  11. I got asked today if flight deck was getting removed because of it sinking. (Cga) oh GP how you amuse me lol.
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