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  1. I hate Cheetah Hunt's station solely because it's just one big building of switchbacks. I personally get so much more satisfaction when I leave one queue house and move on to the other (ex. Kraken). I also find a lot of trouble in SheiKra's station since people are let in right where the line for the front row starts. And since the GP adores the front row, there's always a stampede of people in line for that one while there's only 4 people waiting for the second and third rows. Plus, there's not even an extended line for first row, they're all the same and it just gets crazy very easily.
  2. New pictures of the hammerhead from CWMania http://www.cwmania.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=2222&start=765
  3. Not sure if I was locked in since I posted on the actual contest page, so I'll say it again. Lock me in for 3 duckies!
  4. Kumba. You can hear it from practically anywhere in the park, but what makes it even greater is that it's purposely loud!
  5. I counted 3 duckies (not including the intro one). Not sure if it's bad, good, hot, or cold, but it's still fun searching for one in every picture! This'll definitely be something I'll be looking forward to for the next 10 weeks! Thanks Big Mike!
  6. Thanks for the video Robb. It always sucks when such a classic Universal ride will now only exist as a section in the parking garage..
  7. ^ Is right < The opposite of the typical teenage boy v Is addicted to video games
  8. I own a guitar and a keyboard, but I'm just now starting to learn some songs on piano. Besides that I don't play anything (unlike my siblings who were in every music class in high school), but I do sing!
  9. Verbolten was announced with two launches, one before the event building, the second after it. The bridge section will be a MCBR.
  10. I think I remember reading somewhere (either here or Screamscape) that Universal has an announcement set for January 24th? I may be wrong though.
  11. ^ But BGW isn't advertising this drop section as the most terrifying element of any coaster, ever. This coaster has been entirely advertised as an extreme family coaster. As long as you go on this ride with expectations for a fun experience, I think you'll love it!
  12. ^ You mean that drop tower? It's just like the Demon Drop that was at Cedar Point (now at Dorney). I believe it was located near Riddler's Revenge.
  13. I'm most interested in this aspect of the coaster: That should be a crazy/weird/cool/fun element for sure!
  14. Wow; Colossus looked gorgeous back then. Thanks for the great photos Shane!
  15. I think I recall seeing posts regarding this on other social networking sites, hopefully this law doesn't get passed.
  16. This is where SFGAM cashes in for Raging Bull's line. In the queue houses, they have employees with food, lemonade, and slushies walking around, taunting you. So when you're in line for two hours, you are bound to give in at buying a 4 dollar lemonade. I think I remember SFGAdv Green Lantern's line having nachos squeezed somewhere in there too.
  17. That support is hilarious! Maybe a pathway will go right under it?
  18. I wouldn't even bother waiting more than an hour for a coaster. 5 hours is just plain deadly. Especially for someone who waits in line for roller coasters alone 99% of the time.
  19. If one park is able to have a B&M floorless, flyer, stand-up, invert, AND hyper (SFGAdv), then Cedar Point should be able to get any B&M it desires without taking out one of its two.
  20. I'm just glad that BGW is getting its own launch coaster that really has nothing in common with Cheetah Hunt. It's nice that they're finally doing something more original and making the multi-launch part the only similarity between the two. Thanks for the update!
  21. It's amazing that this thing was born at 5'7, and it took me 15 years to reach this height. Thanks for the press release!
  22. Is there a forever alone option?
  23. Some pictures from yesterday: a B&M masterpiece greets the park's visitors These guys are adorable one of many CH required shots Looks like this goose has laid an egg! lazy kangaroo Critter Castaways. If you've never seen this show, you should. It's like an exotic version of Seaworld's Pets Ahoy! another required CH shot This elephant was taking a stand-up nap The new Animal Care center is just about finished and should be ready for its January opening! more of the structure. It stretches from the Elephant interaction area up to the Serengeti tours building Jungala Intamin sexiness More Intamin sexiness I believe one of these is the new baby gazelle For all of you LSM enthusiasts Thanks for a great year BGT! And to finish off this brief TR, a highway sunset!
  24. That is beautiful. I always thought the turn would be part of the actual drop, guess not. I like it much better this way!
  25. I think they should one-up SFMM and get a larger custom flyer. It could be interesting to have some turns go right over the beach. They could name it Seagull!
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