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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Steel: ALL of Skyrushs hills, Magnum XL 200s return bunny hops and hill right before the turnaround.


Wood: El Toros first two hills and the Rolling Thunder hill, The Pheonixs ending bunny hops (you FLY out of that seat due to those Buzz Bars! )

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It's not really an airtime hill but it does deliver a crazy amount of air...being the drop after the barrel roll on Superman Ultimate Flight at SFDK. You are literally being pulled out of your seat the entire trip down but are immediately forced into your seat pretty hard once the track levels out and heads into the non-inverting loop. Yes, my thighs were a bit sore afterwards (after riding it 6 times in a row within the first hour).


I'm really looking forward to Gold Striker's flyby/speed hill. It is nice and low and the train will pass through it immediately after the initial drop. It should provide a nice bit of floater air in every seat and should also provide some nice head choppers from the overhead frame work.

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I really like the Lakeside Cyclone's first hill in the front seat. Not a particularly forceful hill, but the lack of restraint allows you to come off your seat about 6-12 inches.


Since I now live near Denver, this is good news. I am officially reassured that there IS a good wooden coaster in Colorado.


Wood: Cyclops, back seat. Terrifying!

Steel: Bizarro was probably the best, even with my bad rides To bad Raging Bull has that trim.....

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Wild Thing at Valleyfair, hands down the 2nd and 3rd hills are huge floater air.

If you actually like Wild Thing, then you will love the other Morgans. I pretty much adore all of them except Wild Thing.



Well I am not really a huge fan of the rest of the ride, fairly boring to say the least. The only really fun aspects of the ride are the 2nd and 3rd hills.


I will have to look into the other Morgans and see if I can get a ride sometime.


Maverick is my favorite ride at CP and the airtime in it is fantastic, only problem is that the float is over too fast

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Wild Thing at Valleyfair, hands down the 2nd and 3rd hills are huge floater air.

If you actually like Wild Thing, then you will love the other Morgans. I pretty much adore all of them except Wild Thing.

How could you not like Wild Thing? It's really fun, re-ridable and very enjoyable. And, in the backseat/frontseat, provides many out-of-control and unpredictable pops of airtime.

It happens to be #13 on my top coaster list of all time, one spot higher than Millennium Force.

Yes, I enjoyed it that much.

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If we are talking just one hill, it would have to be El Toro's hill over Rolling Thunder followed by Bizarro's 3rd hill. Now if we are talking a series of hills, I would say Phoenix and Phantom's Revenge are my favorites.


I guess it's no wonder why these four coaster, along with Boulder Dash, are my top 5 overall favorites.

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As somebody who has ridden El Toro probably more than most of the people commenting, I can say the RT hill is INSANE! BUT, I think that hill is really overshadowing the first airtime hill right after the big drop. That hill has awesome momentum carrying from the drop and to be honest, I like it just as much, if not more, than the RT hill. I just felt like I should give that hill its respect. I absolutely love both though and they're probably my 2 favorites. I love a lot of airtime hills so if I had to do a top 5 this would probably be it.


5. Drop on Maverick (really feel like you're falling out of the seat)


4. Last tunnell hill on Magnum XL 200 (Surprise airtime that I love)


3. 1st hill on Nitro (best floater airtime by far)


2. 1st hill on El Toro (awesome momentum from the drop)


1. RT hill on El Toro (way more ejector airtime than you would expect for that part of the ride)

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Love me some awesome airtime hills! As for my favorites/best ones I've ridden:



1.) Put another one in the column for El Toro's RT hill. Holy crap is that hill powerful!

2.) Phoenix with it's double-down/double-up combo. Standing air!

3.) El Toro's 1st airtime hill after the 1st drop. 2 hills from the same coaster?? You betcha, and all that copious airtime is the main reason why that incredible creation is firmly planted in my #1 spot, both wooden and overall.


Honorable Mention - The old school double dip on Kennywood's Jack Rabbit. Super fun with super airtime!



1.) Skyrush. All of them. Holy moses, that airtime is almost unreal! Love, love, LOVE every second of that thing!!

2.) Phantom's Revenge with the back-to-back double downs near the ride's end. Holy ejector airtime, Batman!

3.) Ride of Steel, Darien Lake, 3rd hill. Coming out of the 1st helix, you peel down that straightaway and hit this hill and are catapulted skyward!


Honorable Mention - 2nd hill on Intimidator 305. Simply awesome, especially towards the front.


High on my list of coasters I'd call "must get to and ride" that seem to fit this topic - Bizarro @ SFNE, Boulder Dash, Expedition GeForce, New Texas Giant, and any freaking Megalite!

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I heard that Superman at SFMM has somewhere like 7 seconds of airtime at the apex of the climb. Which is amazing because it's quite a lot for one occurrence during the ride. I think that Intimidator at Carowinds has some pretty good airtime on just about every hill. If they didn't trim it it would be that much better.


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I-305's first/second drops both have some serious ejector airtime.


El Toro's "Rolling Thunder Hill" is OMFG AMAZING, with some EXTREME ejector air!


Nitro has some really nice floater air on every hill too!


100% Yes!

Glad someone can appreciate some nice long floater. If its not ejector it gets ridiculed.

That hill on ET is vicious! And people bash I305 for little airtime...I never got that. Had my shoulders flying against the restraint.



Anywho, no doubt the best air is Skyrush and El Toro. Skyrush, just damn...that's beyond ejector, that's ripping airtime, just ripping you out of the seat.

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