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  1. 1) Actions speak louder than words 2) Making a statement such as you suggest is easy to do, but also opens up Disney to immediately needing to respond to every covert unseen racist accusation against the company. I'm certain would want to able to respond properly to any accusation and preparing for that takes time and planning. 3) Chip and Dale mountain in Japan in the final straw in the Alvey's moving to Japan. I appreciate you responding! Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. I think in this case in particular, the timing of the announcement was no coincidence, and it provided an
  2. I think this change was necessary and I'm glad it's finally happening! I will say, I think Disney missed an opportunity to come forward with a true acknowledgment of why the retheme of Splash Mountain is necessary. The press release mentions their aim to make the new ride more inclusive, which is definitely great. But I wish they had been more explicit in their explanation, stating why the ride has always been problematic, apologizing for their longtime silence regarding its problematic nature, and clarifying how this retheme is a part of their effort to enact real change in the parks. I
  3. I don't post on the forum very often, but I just made my first trip to Holiday World this weekend so I thought I would share a mini report! Overall, I thought the park was super lovely. My family and I are from Ohio and had been wanting to visit for a long time. My mom had actually been as a kid when it was still known as Santa Claus Land, so she enjoyed seeing the crazy growth and expansion since she had last visited! The whole park was extremely clean and well-maintained, and every employee my family encountered was pleasant and competent! The free soft drinks are awesome, wish more park
  4. ^^ I had the same experience with Banshee's line on Thursday. It was a very fairly busy day, so I wasn't even going to attempt to ride Banshee. Glad I did though because I only waited probably 20 minutes! Maybe less! It doesn't surprise me though, they blaze through loading/un-loading.
  5. Hi! So, my family and I are thinking about going to a water park around fourth of July just to have a fun summer day. We live in NYC, so the two water parks we are looking at are Wildwater Kingdom (Dorney Park) and Hurricane Harbor (SFGAdv). We're not sure which park to go to. So, if anyone could me any insight on which park is overall a better choice that would be awesome. By overall, I just mean experience, pricing, ride selection etc. I hope this is enough info for you guys. Thanks in advance for your replies! P.S. Driving time isn't an issue. I know Wildwater Kingdom is a little b
  6. I have good timing with the webcams! I checked them just a second ago and both Raptor and Gatekeeper were beginning their first drops!
  7. Oh okay! Thanks for the reply!
  8. This is VERY random so bear with me... Recently, I've been trying to find a POV of BuzzSaw Falls. Not for any particular reason, I've just been curious about it because it only lasted for a short time. BUT, I can't seem to find one. I was wondering if you ever filmed one Robb? If so, could you possibly post it sometime? Obviously I know BuzzSaw Falls probably isn't on the top of your priority list of POV's (And I know you are very busy), but it would be really cool if you did post it. Thanks!
  9. It wasn't posted on their Facebook. I expect this to be true. It's been a rumor for some time that after Batman backwards is over we'll see both AE Blue and Viper run backwards, but not at the same time. One will probably be for Fright Fest. May I ask where it was posted then?
  10. I looked on the Six Flags Great America facebook page and that picture is nowhere to be found...
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