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    The best thing about TPR is the donkeys.
  1. Sorry for the lack of photos; but these beers are too good not to recommend. I stopped at the World of Beer bar in Pensacola, FL and had the Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout...it was so good I had another...and another...and so on...and so on. I even bought a round for the young Navy pilot (and his lady friend) who we were talking to. Next up, this past weekend--back home in Atlanta, was a growler of Red Brick Brewing's Brick Mason Series #7--20th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (also available in bottles). This is, by far, the best beer Red Brick has ever
  2. Amongst standard candies it would be hard to decide between York Peppermint Patties and Twix Bars. Lately, I have tended to gravitate towards slightly higher end fare and go with the Lindt LINDOR Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles.
  3. Sorry about the lack of photos; but I a just finished a Jailhouse Brewing Dead Man Walking Doppelbock and am now drinking a 21st Amendment Hop Crisis.
  4. That's a shame about the conditions you had. It has been a tough year in Colorado. I was in Telluride week before last and they had gotten 34" the week before and were still hurting for snow. Breck, Keystone and Beaver Creek can be great and I generally agree with your assessment of Vail (although Blue Sky Basin at Vail can be nice too--it just takes so long to get back there). I'm headed out to Sun Valley soon; maybe I'll remember to take enough pictures to do a TR.
  5. Mini Mine Train at SFOG followed soon after by the Dahlonega Mine Train
  6. I saw a chairlift porch swing on a home in Telluride last week. I am a skier only at this point, and with only 12 days per year to ski, I do not anticipate taking up boarding anytime soon. My buddy dropping into Genevieve after a short hike from the top of Prospect Bowl in Telluride.
  7. I like the triple down in the tunnel on the Voyage. Not the strongest airtime; but it sets you up perfectly before the longer third drop.
  8. Bell's Hopslam. While it is a really good beer, I 'm not certain is is worthy of all of the hype--ie. guys driving in circles around the beer store waiting for the delivery truck to arrive, limiting sales to one 6-pack per customer, etc.
  9. Keep the Donations coming guys. You never know when you might get a wonderful bag of crap. Click here to see my CfK/GKTW TPR BOC PTR
  10. I got my "Bag of Crap" in the mail yesterday for making a donation to some of the Coasting for Kids riders raising money for Give Kids the World Thanks for the gift guys. I would have donated anyway; but this makes it all the more fun. Look what I got today! A bag in the mail! Look at all that crap. It was a Big Bag of Crap from TPR! Thanks Robb! I got a DVD! Hmmm, what could it be? Wow, Coaster Expedition 6! There's 2...that's right..2 T-Shirts! From not one, but two years of West Coast Bash! They have logos on both the front... and the back! Incredible! ..
  11. I got a Bag of Crap in the mail yesterday for making some donations! Look for a full PTR tomorrow; but here's a preview: TPR BOC for giving to CfK riders raising money for GKTW. Thanks TPR!
  12. I've just about tapped out my budget with donations to everyone through David (ILoveRides). The 1st person from Valleyfair gets my last $10.00. Alan
  13. My guess is that if you are coming down to the deadline and need a few more dollars, and you post about it here, that it won't be a problem.
  14. I just dropped $10.00 into everyone's hat (24 total as far as I can tell from the links on page 1 + Kyle). If the list has grown since I started and I missed anyone.....message me. Alan -- aka Yellow Jacket --Somebody beat that!....please it's a good cause!
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