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  1. You don't actually get wet on TMLR. Since Knott's is limited on space, it's easy to pick on the rapids ride because it takes up a lot of land, but I think it's a valuable ride to have in the summer. I don't have any idea how long of a line it normally has, but with my cousin not really liking heights (roller coasters) it's one of his favorite rides there. I'm sure there are other people out there that feel the same way. That location also probably has the biggest concerns to height and noise with the houses right there. Having said that, I don't think Knott's past problems with Intamin would have any effect on them working with Intamin in the future. They are owned by Cedar Fair now after all.
  2. Right, that's what I meant to say. Red Bull will probably win the constructors again. For drivers instead of Seb, Alonso, Kimi... it will be Alosno, Seb, Kimi.
  3. Sorry. The only non variable in this is the park ticket cost. Disney World tickets are basically double the cost of Cedar Point Tickets, Universal tickets are close to that as well.
  4. (Almost) All of the 2013 f1 cars have been launched, and this one right here is my bet for 2013 constructors champion. The lotus is also a car to watch, as one of the newer technologies on it is one of the more interesting ideas of the season, and nobody else seems to have it (which could be good or bad, they have been the only ones to run with an idea in the past and it didn't work out so well).
  5. Yup, no drops. The whole ride goes the same speed the whole time just like other omnimovers. It would be perfect for a ride like IASW, or other rides where there aren't really separated or triggered scenes. This wouldn't really work on pirates as we know it (not talking about the drops) because while it is pretty continuous, there are a couple effects that need resetting. While it's kinda nice on those types of boat rides to have space between the boats and feel more secluded, they usually group up at some point anyways. What I thought was interesting was that it says the movement of the boats is done by the movement of the water (which is pretty much the whole idea of the patent) and that if a portion of the ride were to exit the water, those boats would be pushed along by the boats that are still in the water. Would be interesting to know if that is actually more efficient power consumption wise than just submerging a normal omnimover style system underwater.
  6. ^^Looking at that image I have no clue either. I did a quick search to try and find the whole thing, but could't find it. I don't see how drops similar to Splash Mountain would be possible, and the image shows no change in elevation at all.
  7. Aww, man someone brought that up again!?! When this ride opens Knott's will have 10 coasters... how many more do they need? That is more per acre than Magic Mountain and only 5 less than Cedar Point, which is over double the size... I think what they are doing with Timber Mountain is a hint at what we can expect from this park in the future, and hopefully the other parks in the chain will be able to learn something from it.
  8. Now that I see there are arches near the bottom of the drop, I'm going to assume that it will be at-least partially covered. Really though in terms of noise, no amount of sound protection is going to make it better for the business right next to the park. The rumbling of the coaster will be heard regardless. Walls to block screaming will only block the sound from carrying long distances, people right next door will still be able hear the screams just fine, and none of the other attractions seems concerned with that. I think the arches near the station will remain uncovered.
  9. Surprising to see that I posted in here back in 2006. Probably fairly shortly after that I got pretty into dubstep (before it became really popular and turned into crap). Back then most releases came out on vinyl only, so if you wanted to own some stuff buying vinyl (online and having it mailed overseas) was the only legit way of getting anything. Now most releases are digital, and many of the old releases have since been re-released digitally. I spent a significant amount of money on vinyl, and my collection really isn't all that big. I have about 60 dubstep releases and a handful of other stuff (Ratatat, Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, Streetlight Manifesto, etc.), but many of the ones I have are actually considered classics and have gone up in value. Just as an example a copy of DMZ013 recently sold on ebay for over $25, while that's not a ton of money that is over double what I payed. That's $12.50 per song!
  10. No idea. Going along with what I said before, maybe they could add these trains to Disneyland's Space Mountain. That would give the riders a more comfortable position in which to fall asleep while going up it's 3 lift hills.
  11. The reclining coaster as it's presented looks like some dumb gimmick. Usually these things are explained in the most direct way possible and often don't explain the real intention for whatever is being shown though. One thing to note is that while reclined and going up a lift hill, the riders could end up laying perfectly flat on their back. With a space themed ride that alone provides some possibilities, as that could be used to simulate a vertical shuttle launch without the track having to be vertical. Imagine getting into the coaster in the normal seating position, the train the leaves the station and parks itself on a slope. The chairs then recline (with a countdown spiel and whatever) and it takes off with a mild launch.
  12. I think that them putting Iron Man into Disneyland is much more likely than them building a Marvel specific theme park. The original plans for the Fantasyland upgrade for MK was changed because it was too girly, so why would an entire theme park based around something targeted mainly at boys be a better idea? Tomorrowland is in pretty dire need of an overhaul, and this could be exactly it. The whole Stark Expo thing is pretty fitting and a decent area of Tomorrowland, not just the attraction (Chevron's sponsorship of Autopia ended in 2012, it's time for that thing to go) could be modified to go along with that theme. The only thing that concerns me about this idea, is that it could end up mocking the ideas that Tomorrowland was supposed to represent but never happened. Like, here is the first ever monorail in North America that was supposed to signal the future of public transportation, and now is an aspect of Stark Expo that is sort of a comical tribute to that type of stuff.
  13. I hadn't hard of them doing this, but after some research it seems to be a decently cemented rumor. Without knowing what the attraction will be, basic idea and the location is pretty fitting. Hopefully they don't make fun of themselves too much with the whole Stark Expo thing.
  14. I don't remember having to use the pass thing to ride Mission Space last time I was there, I thought they had the lines separated and you just got in the one you wanted. Whats the reason for the pass?
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