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Roughest coaster

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Hmm--second half of the Ultimate at Lightwater Valley in the UK. My right elbow slammed into the side of the train so hard on the first drop that my arm was numb for about five minutes.

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Gouderix was upto September last year by far the roughest coaster i've ever been on.

Until i rode coaster express in Parque Warner, Madrid : beautiful layout, small drop to the lift hill, lift hill it self and first drop were still ok but then the hurting began. It was just terrible and this is one of the few coasters i really did not enjoy and i was glad the train entered the station again.

Before i rode Coaster express, i heard already that CE could be painful but it the pain was much worser than i could imagine.

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I've been on alot:


Iron Wolf - SfGam

Gauntlet - Magic Springs

Demon - SfGam

Revolution - Libertyland

American Eagle (blue) - SfGam

Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood


Tennessee Tornado? Are you serious? I found it to be glass smooth like a new B&M. To each his own I guess. I'll second your Iron Wolf notion though. That used to be an amazing ride and now it just sucks.


The roughest for me would probably be Manhattan Express or T2. Manhattan was bad, but I'd consider riding it again. T2 has gotten to a point where I refuse to ride it anymore. Not only am I trying to avoid getting a blood clot in my brain, but I'd like to have kids too.

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^ I think I was too busy cradling my broken ribs to remember to kick the train haha. That ride is a hunk of junk and the trick-track is brutal.


Another incredibly rough coaster: Hurricane at Myrtle Beach Pavilion. I loved the ride's furious layout, but it was a horrendously rough coaster

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the villian was extremely rough when i rode it the first time and i got right back in line. that little transition part took me by surpise and i said "dayum". the texas giant is another one that gets uncontrollably rough on the last stretch. i rode it 14 times in a row and i was so sore i couldnt turn my head and it had to immediatly drive 250 miles back to houston right after, i know i sound stupid but i luv just luv just luv rough woodies.

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the roughest steel for me is the VIPER at magic mountain. the great adventure clone, i forgot the name, but that sucka was pretty rough also. none of my friends wanted to reride either one of these. when i first rode the viper it was the biggest thing i had eva seen, so i dont think it was that rough for me back in 1995 when i first rode it, but now dayummmmmmmmmmmmm!

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1. The Vortex at PKI- just thinking about it gives me a headache

2. Mighty Canadian Minebuster- PCW

3. Mean Streak- CP

4. Mantis- CP Not "rough" in the traditional sense, but too many positive Gs for my knees (hey, that rhymes)

5. Steel Phantom- Kennywood- before this was reborn as the Phantom's Revenge, going into the loop from the bottom of the big hill gave you a serious case of whiplash

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