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Roughest coaster

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Viper @ SFMM


Defenitly, DEFENITLY one of the most painfull rides ever. It may not be Manhurtin Express, but it still hurts a lot. If you want a smoother ride (still not very smooth) sit up front. If you want a extremly rough ride sit in the last row.


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While I concur with Villian at Geauga Lake and any boomerang:


Thunderbolt @ Kennywood - felt like I was riding down a staircase in cardboard box.


CI Cyclone - the last seat over the rear wheels, I dare you - have your chiropractor's number handy cause your tailbone is gonna get smashed into the seat at the bottom of every hill.


Gone, but not forgotten - Idora Park Wildcat - riding in the back seat was totally masochistic, great airtime, but coming back down hurt like heck.

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Goudurix, it's one of the most beautiful coasters i've ever seen yet the roughest i've ever been on, you go down the first hil and it goes from shaking on the top to punching you in the ears at the bottom. Even when they added cushions to the headrests it still hurts like hell.


Sooo beautiful yet sooo rough yet sooo beautiful yet sooo rough yet...

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For me I guess any variation of the boomarang especially the inverted.

Woodie I would have to pick the former Herculeas at Dorney.

Steelie Iwould have to pick the Steel Phantom.


While there are rougher rides I have been on and many have been said in the tread all ready these for me were rough rides.


All though I will never forget my midnight ride on the Beast where I got slammed in the helix and walked away with a cracked rib..

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The roughest wood is definitely GA Cyclone at SFOG. I rode it a couple of weeks ago and I didn't remember it being that rough last year. My neck hurt for a while and I got slammed around a lot.


The roughest steel is hands down Ninja at SFOG. I rode it again this year just to make sure I wasn't crazy and I wasn't. Terribly rough. Last year at the end, where it slams on breaks and the whole ride shakes (you think it might just collapse,) I slammed my knee into the back of the seat. I had a huge bruise from that ride.

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My roughest coaster would be the corkscrew at Alton Towers. It's not helped by the fact that i've only ever been on it in the rain (typical English weather), and so the pain of the rain hitting your face worked it's way in there too.

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Son of Beast @ PKI: I rode this 12 days before the accident, and I expected much, MUCH worse than what I experienced. Honestly, it was about as rough as some of my Mean Streak rides, I got off with only mild pain.


But this one takes the cake...


Beast @ PKI: I spent 2 days at PKI when I went this year, it was my first time there. I rode Beast at about 8 PM on the first day, and really loved it. Then when I re-rode the next day at about noon...OH.MY.GOD. I've NEVER had a rougher ride on any coaster ever. I can only describe the sensation as feeling as though my ribcage was about to shatter into pieces by the time we hit the brakerun...


I was up on July 4th and had the same experience. I was telling everyone SOB is now smoother than Beast...til the accident.


STEEL: Ninja @ SFOG - amazing that it can look so good and be such crap. (I prayed for Drachen Fire to take its place.)



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Son Of Beast at King's Island (wooden)


Flight Of Fear (before new seat restraints)

Manhattan Express (I hear the new restraints are much better)

Vortex at King's Island is getting rough- if they would just pad the seats it would be SO much better- When it first opened I couldn't get enough of this ride!!!

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