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  1. damn, I have so many, I'll just name a few Peter: Hey hey I got an idea. Lets play "I Never." You got to drink if you did the thing that the person says they never did. Cleveland: Oh I got one, I never slept with a women with the lights on. Joe: I'll go next, uh I never had sex with Cleveland's wife. Peter: alright lets see uh, I never did a chick in a Logan airport bathroom. ****About 33 drinks later**** Peter: God lets see what else is there um...I never gave a reach-around to a spider monkey while reciting the Pledge of Alligence. Quagmire: Oh God. Joe: I uh I never picked up an
  2. not today, but it rained like hell for the last two days Why is the sky blue?
  3. No, I've been a long time come and go poster on it Since seeing The Hangover, has your pronunciation of "Retard" been forever changed?
  4. I can understand having 2 same sized kicks....If you wan't the double bass and the added flare of the second kick drum....Lots of drummers do that
  5. No, but you're a hypocrite Is the meaning of life the number 4?
  6. My opinion is as follows....the majority of the awards were amazing, Lady Gaga and Elton could've been the best mashup of the last decade....but...I don't think artists should use autotune on stage (or period :/) If you can sing....sing, if not don't....(and T-pain doesn't need auto-tune...he's an amazing singer, lord knows why he uses it)
  7. It dislikes people with B&M inverts as their avatar.... Why did the chicken cross the road?
  8. Time to try and crack this thread back open.... ^^Cause neon blue is better Was that mint REALLY wafer thin?
  9. Oh magical title fairy....after four long years I have gained enough posts to be graced by your presence. As I beg to you....I wonder if my title could be changed to something to the effect of "All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height." As it would be much appreciated.
  10. That's just an epic win to the 3rd power....
  11. Lets take a look...shall we....I use a 2005 HP Media Center (XP SP3 FTW), I DID put souped up graphics and sound cards in for recording though...so that makes up for the oldness of the PC a bit....as for my monitor, I just use an HP vs15 LCD monitor...does the job...
  12. Right now there's about 13 inches of snow on the ground, it's cold as hell, and, Wisconsin weather just sucks....I like the snow, the cold I could do without though...
  13. I ALWAYS hear that at the park too...but I heard someone call Viper the "Elixir" because of the sign over the station lolol
  14. I'm a guitarist..... New song I recorded today in attatchments. The beginning is kinda weird, but that's because it will probably be the first track on the CD Tell Him....Death is the Answer.mp3 Recorded Today
  15. Age: 15 Middle Name: Ryan Pet Peeve: People who are superficial. Color of your bathroom: Black and Red Best Movie of ALL time: Schindler's List Best Song of ALL time: idk if I can really say....I truly like almost all kinds of music. Best TV Shows: Currently: Family Guy, Glee, Lie to Me, Mental, Storm Chasers Favorite Band/Artist: Again, can't really say. Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: California Screamin' Yummiest Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Dimebag Darrell Morning Person or Night Person: Prefer Night, but if I'm
  16. no it was not Do you enjoy burning incense?
  17. Rocky Horror Picture Show and Les Miserables all the way
  18. because were all dumbasses being mind-raped by the internet world how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  19. hexagonal Will you really get contact drunk if you sniff beer and ink? (jeff dunham)
  20. ^ usually right < indesicive v very desicive
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