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  1. elissa telling her she was to become the CEO of McDonald's corporation.....
  2. "hello" go away blahblah "hello" damn it acer joe get outta here
  3. burying robb with guy meanwhile: unknowingly of this derek and i were awaiting ERT confermation when varonBonCreditWhore came storming in.........
  4. NEVER WILL VEKOMA come close to intamin or B&M NEVER say this again (especially in front of elissa)
  5. *drool* HOT *drool* good vekoma *drool* decent *drool* patent pending lol *drool* HABITABLE
  6. Manhattan Ex. AND I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!! oh and when in vol. 7 when robb and derek are n california screamin'Derek: And now were gonnago really really fast DENDENAHDENAHDENDENAH
  7. don't make fun of elmo, he's my emo buddy
  8. yup same here, most annoying commercial EVER.
  9. HAHAHAHAHA mommy says im not allowed to eat sugar lol lmao rofl splort* ohhhhhhhhhhh
  10. im sorry if you already said this but how much does it cost to go on a TPR trip.
  11. i saw diabetic bees hanging out around my cousins diet coke yesterday at SFGAm
  12. there were "diabetic" bees hanging out around my cousins DIET coke earlier at SFGAm...
  13. shes just hot her music dosent matter!!!
  14. i saw ellisa on discovery channel with someone who looked like derek!!!
  15. X-L-R-8

    your myspace

    your myspace says you dont drink so explain why you have you drinking beer in the balder update and drink balsammic and oil at carrabas???!!! lol not to be mean, no offense
  16. yup are you sad ellisa loves balder more than rodents
  17. no Do you secretly enjoy manhattan express and the old SFGAdv viper
  18. lol you obviously like war..... so ill see EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Robb Alvey when i play COD
  19. X-L-R-8

    the donkey

    WTF happened to theme parks- roller coasters- and donkeys
  20. yes. has anyone gotten thier balls crushed on manhattan express yet this season?
  21. X-L-R-8


    ?2 questions. 1. why did you make manhattan express sound painful? i rode it 2 days ago, it was'nt.... . 2.what are you're 10 least favorite coasters? one more.... is ellisa sharktums ?
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