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  1. a million bags of cheetos, and all the dr. pepper i could drink plus coacoa puffs to boot, soon I....
  2. and save your money just sounds like a threat and it's annoying as hell
  3. Operah Winfrey If you were stranded upon an island with nothing to eat but your own body parts, which would you eat first?
  4. becoming stan, kyle, cartman, kenny, and butters from south park, and going around spreading racist jokes about the ninja, but sadly the one playing Kenny was killed by: (come on people, be creative)
  5. was swimming in his own feces while singing pantera (RIP dimebag) holding a note that said.....
  6. Bullet for My Valentine-Her Voice Resides awsome band and song
  7. pamphlet containing the reasons why she should enjoy fat coaster enthusiasts. He gave it to her and she looked at it and was angry. she still said no one liked fat enthusiasts. at this point the retarded side of joe came out and he said
  8. Homer: I am so smart, I am so smart S-M-R-T i mean S-M-A-R-T
  9. Ralph: "principal skinner, i can't sleep without my stuffie" Skinner:"use this steel wool, it's pretty much the same thing" Ralph: "it's ouchie" And family guy Peter: "I'm not drunk, I'm just exhausted from a whole night of drinking"
  10. DDR pad, just when ACEr joe jumped out and started screaming the words.........
  11. Listening to and singing/screaming avenged sevenfold Josh~at least i sing it good~C.
  12. Raging Bull- it's a good ride, but the trims really aren't necessary, get rid of them and it'd be great. Post 100
  13. so can we expect the ride to run on a constant now and not always be closed?
  14. send the track to SFGAm so we can have a 2 one running and one bieng repaired (just an idea, but it would be useful)
  15. the meatloaf question- yes and no Do you think disney will succeed in its attempts to renovate DCA?
  16. no, it came out today have you ever thought that spongebob sqarepants (his character) is gay?
  17. yes, on raging bull (counting season passholder coasters after dark perks) and SUF. Have you ever thought you were being stalked at a theme park?
  18. No, why? Last I checked there wasn't a rule against having an infant on a plane. --Robb i mean by others who may have assumed kidtums would be just another screaming baby on the plane. Not by airline officials, but she IS a good flier, like mommy & daddy kidtums is too
  19. did you guys get any crap on the planes from others around you for having an infant?
  20. United uses 1/8", and they provide free headphones along with most airlines
  21. i love flying too, except for when i had captain kangaroo for a pilot coming back from SF, we bounced like 6 times when we landed, then we had to brace ourselves as he bounced us to the terminal
  22. golfie, bieng a wisconsinite myself, i say get used to it or move out of the state, and besides, wisconsin is cool! except for the sports teams, they suck!
  23. if i want to give elissa one of her gifts from the arget registry, how do i do it? (off topic, i know)
  24. ive known for a while but yet to post congradulations, SO CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!! *clapclapclap*
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