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  1. wow.... you have your facts wrong: last i checked food was robb's 2nd favorite thing!!!! but overall great video rating: .5 pound-its hence there were no poundings
  2. dude, FYI, its not past, its just getting here! blizzard warnings exend overnight, were gonna get like 20" of snow
  3. duh.... where are we.... who are you,.... what the hell is this place
  4. as of tonight, blizzard warnings have gone into effect for southeast wisconsin, its so bad even right now, that i can hear frozen particles (not snow) hitting my window!
  5. vote and post your cast, if you can tell why
  6. wheres my skycar (and/or) hoverboard, 300MPH through MID-AIR!
  7. boy- josh, danny , robb jr., ben, mike, steve, matt, peter, mark, nick, zack (or zach), dave, brad girl-samantha, jennifer, jenna, jackie, annie, alyson, amy, katlin, kelsey, rabecca, lisa, beth, veronica, kelly, ashley, elissa jr., NAMES BY: X-L-R-8 oh, wait, what contests over, OK NM, i still like these names though
  8. rant on/ My biggest pet-peeve,annoyance,ecad.- it seems (unless i'm booked in 1st class,) on an airplane since i like to have a window, and i ALWAYS get booked in front of a little kid who kicks my seat, i resolve this by 1. nicely asking the kid to stop, 2. try again, 3. if this dosent work i yell at the kid and/or parents, twice i've had to call flight attendants because the parents didn't do anything, bringing me to one quick thing, parents that don't watch their kids!!!11 end rant/
  9. 4gig ipod mini, yea! old skool![/code]
  10. im jewish, im like its either 50% german or english, then 50% russian WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RUSSIA!
  11. no, im supposed to but i dont do you wanna drink 8 bazzilion cups of coffee right now?
  12. ummmm no but sometimes i would like to put my ass to one and ride it like an intamin Is this thread overrated?
  13. i ALSO like intamin harnesses (storm runner, KK) cause they barley touch your body and you feel SO secure i LOVE the BTR SFGAM restraints as they hardly touch you
  14. no do you find it gh3y that wal-mart makes record companies censor thier CDs?
  15. yup, i didnt have school 2day (2 cold) is life too hard for you?
  16. click the little "x" Do you have or want to order any TPR dvds? (if no, no if yes specify which)
  17. yes, they cancelled school, wind chills- 30 below Did you experience 6 or more WTF moments (discluding the internet) in the past week?
  18. 1. prostate exam, RELAX, I'M A DOCTOR 2. I'll take 100 chicken fajitas (pronounced vagitas)
  19. show robb his B&M and TOGO dances, then he'd commit suicide by vekoma box......
  20. go to college and pursue an engineering degree.
  21. Did u work on COD:3 i rented it from blockbuster and it kicks arse
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