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  1. when suddenly, robb alvey and guy t. koepp of the doo-wop boys started singing, but robb still had a mouthful of teme park food and sang like crap so........
  2. the 3.4 earthquake was funny, im like what the hell, then i turn on my TV, The news is talking about an earthquake then im all, "but we're in WI"
  3. *hugs*, i know how you feel, my cat died of irritable bowel disease and cancer
  4. In a laughable pink emo clown car, Robb and the gang at the same time, however got signed on with atlantic records and elissa started to make rodent meals at McDonalds which consisted of...
  5. ive made an airtime B&M called killswitch, and a semi-model of Raging bull from SFGAm, ENJOY!!! New Sandbox.datOMGAWSUMNESSINABOX.dat
  6. ........ it looks like he's pleasuring himself and aiming for elissa....
  7. i went on freedom in june, mmmmmmmm food!!!!!!!!! and hot chicks, and yes mexico has much sexual inuendo
  8. i like thunder, except the time while i was IN AN AIRPLANE at 2 in the morning and its all like BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM im all : OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. no Was manhattan express running suprisingly good this year for anyone else?
  10. I think elissa would probablly NOT be naming it Ryan...*sighs* shut down AGAIN! Dont feel bad ryan,, BUT, i think if a girl: Cara Baas Alvey lolz
  11. Hey robb, do you work saturday and sunday? We might go to SFMM next spring and wondered if you could meet us there if you want. Thanks--------- Josh
  12. no and how the hell do you do that anyone else think christmas at ground zero by wierd all is the funniest song ever?
  13. duh, of course especially mountain dew, and vault mmmmmmmmmmmmm: caffine does anyone else have a pounding headache?
  14. satoshi, this isnt a thread about roller coasters, its a sexual position look it up in the urban dictionary.
  15. SPLURG dude, thats about the most perverted thing EVER (no offense to the topic starter)
  16. screw your boss, its not offensive in any way, and its youre feeling, so keep it i tell you KEEP IT!!!
  17. Why is nobody aknodledging the fact, its a freaking vekoma!!!
  18. a wierd hand popped through, after about 5 minutes elissa realized it was the xatan guy who ryan just happened to be pounding at the xatan guy's house......
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