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  1. sorry i'm gonna bump 'Today I did something' thread..... but i'm going to start with i could not hook up to the internet world for few mins today! thanks!
  2. I was not thinking one of NASA crew would really going to commit one kinda murder since NASA has been considered as the head of America's honor and I really bet she was also the part of its great honor.
  3. i think Six Flags parks really needs animal areas for family fun because the slogan on the posters say like 'Let Ya Enjoy For Family Fun'.
  4. ^ whoa! that thing looks like some kinda shooting 'em out game and this is going to get funny a lot. thanks for an info.
  5. ^ you're right about those parks are kinda just walk-on theme park but i guess Laqua is the most crowded park ever i see in my whole life since the ride ops said that they've got 15000 guests in a day.
  6. wow! i really rode that thing last year and backward version was so great though it's not going to let me feel windy! yay! the best Togo ever!
  7. I really have no idea that Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea has a commercial... tons of japanese parks really love to air these tvcs when new rides are going to get launched at the park like Eejanaika's started to air on the day when it's announced to get built on the land.
  8. looks like you guys had a really blast in Florida Peninsula! i'm so glad to hear the thing that the chows were also great as the park visit was an awesome time. thanks for cool Trip Report!
  9. i've never ridden those things but i know the good way to know how they both are really different. i believe Eejanaika is gonna beat X up in the list of 'which one is really smooth 4d?!'
  10. skate boarding is really kinda trick i want to give it a try and i guess lots of school should be going to add this thing into PE lessons!
  11. i've ever had really horrible accident and it was like i crashed on the side of the car left door then i've broken my leg so instant and my body really flew 15 feet away from it. edit: i was riding on a bike then.
  12. The draft sucks! Do Armys want to see those people's sufferings?
  13. i guess Geauga Lake has got too much bad things like 2 coasters are absolutely gonna be taken out of the park though they're just around 5 or 6 years old. Steel Venom will be taken out of the park soon. what on earth makes the park style start to go bad?
  14. thanks for update! it looks like gonna be a twisty thing and it's also going to be really fun like Rumbler is!
  15. wow! it's really testing and it looks like twisty loopy mouse!
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