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  1. It took about 1.5 seconds for ALL things to load, in FF. Also, the connection is ~18Mb/s
  2. My problem is that I got a download of RCT2, but it won't authenticate. It just goes to a blank screen with a URL on top.
  3. C'mon. Haven't more people been to Knoeble's?
  4. Hello, I've been assigned a project in Pre-Algebra that requires me to get 100 votes for a theme park. I chose Knoeble's. Please vote for your favorite ride. I'd appreciate it if you vote. Thanks.
  5. ^Your welcome. I'm glad I could help. BTW, GT is awesome.
  6. Seeing that you are posting on TPR, I have a solution to your troubles. 1) Install Media Go (The software that came with the PSP) 2) Sign into your PSN account. 3) Download Gran Turismo onto your PC. 4) Plug the PSP Go into the computer. 5) Transfer GT onto the PSP. And I have found it untrue that the download is interrupted by the PSP falling asleep. On topic: I got my PSP Go! And its 2010, so, more roller coasters! YES!
  7. Oops. I meant ''Is the device any different than the usual?''
  8. I didn't find a similar topic so, what are you using to browse TPR? Is the device different from your usual? And how well does it display TPR? I'm browsing on my PSP. I usually use my PC. My PSP displays it rather well with the new 6.20 update.
  9. It's 29 degrees fahrenheit and the two feet of snow just finished melting (rain melted it in 3 hours on Christmas.)
  10. I received: PSP Go $70 to the PlayStation Store Newton's Cradle Concept car calendar Hess Race Car Logitech M305 Mouse with an awesome design $10 to Gamestop $200 (Already spent half) On another note, I spent $100 on: another $70 to the PSS Component A/V cable for PSP Go Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and has a happy new year.
  11. Bizzaro @ SFGAdv was a let down, but I knew it would be. It is a great ride, but the fact that Six Flags lied and called it new made me mad. On the comercial "And ride the ALL NEW Bizzaro coaster!" It is a good idea to refresh an old-ish ride, but calling it new? I'm not surprised, but Six Flags shouldn't use the GP's, for lack of a better term, unawareness to gain.
  12. I searched "Roller Coaster Forum" in google and this website's banner was nice and I liked all of the topics, so I joined.
  13. Time to install one on a real track! Just Kidding, though it would be spectacular!
  14. I can't speak it, but I know enough to understand that. Do you want a new computer?
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