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  1. Hah, yesterday I went and saw a bunch of markers everywhere. But when I asked this blonde ride-op she was like "Yeah I heard it'll be a roller coaster that you stand up on!" And I proceded to laugh at her. I asked another ride op and he said it'll go over the river and the highway, but he was like... German? so I don't know what he was told.
  2. Well we already know what's gonna be at Valleyscare. The only thing that could mess it up is either Werewolf Canyon, or Pirates Crimson Isle. Other than that, we should be able to see construction.
  3. Thanks Steel. I'm going tomorrow and I will not take pics, but I will post what I see.
  4. Haha, sorry. I just get hyped up about this stuff. Although I do have to argue because I trust him. I'm guessing if it's built it'll be the first "spread out" cosater from GCI. (We'd know if either Valleyfair or GCI would update their websites!)
  5. Hold your horses there bud... no reason to be mean, but some of this is CONFIRMED. People know people. Drewbie has been right ever since 2003. THAT'S A FACT! If he says that it's gonna be a GCI wooden coaster for 2007, I'm gonna believe him. Unless you have an inside source that knows every little fact about the 2007 season, you should be quiet about this because some of us know more about this than others.
  6. Well I don't have a season pass there, but I will be going on Sunday so I'll try to take pics. Also, any of you GCI fans, are the GCI's rough or aggressive?
  7. Excalibur at Valleyfair. I bump heads with the person I sit next to everytime.
  8. I was told I could work at Valleyscare in October, but now they sent a mean email saying... No, 14's just too young. Maybe next year.
  9. So, which animal do you like more... Donkey's or Llama's?
  10. I think that would be possibly the best move the park has ever made putting in one of those things. ^ I I
  11. Hey, I'm new here, but I know a lot about the new Valleyfair event in October called Valleyscare. Haunted houses: Carn-evil-- A 3D adventure through a circus of insane and killer clowns. - Game Warehouse Mangler Aslyum-- An institute for the insane!!!- Bumper Car Building. Lair of the Vampire-- A walk in the cave with many blood thirsty Vampires!!!-Hi-Test Arcade Scare Zones: Blood Creek Cemetary-- A bunch of dead people walking around from monster(the ride), to the little bridge by the ferris wheel. Pirates Crimson Isle-- Killer Pirates that want to kill you. -- Over by Mad Mouse to the waterpark. Werewolf Canyon-- A bunch of blood thirsty werewolves. Located in Thunder Canyon. Some of the rides that will be open are Wild Thing, Steel Venom, Power Tower, and Xtreme Swing. Some of the rides will have their names changed. A lot of tombstones, walls that are colored differently, and this one weird car have arrived at the park so they should start doing construction on the houses sooner than later. They should be starting the re-theming for the park in september. They are also adding onto the Game Warehouse for this event. The hours can be found here. http://www.valleyfair.com/public/inf...?calendar_id=3 Also, if any of you have any other information on this event, feel free to post here about it. THIS EVENT IS EXTREME SO DON'T BE DUMB AND BRING YOUR CHILDREN OK?
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