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Roughest coaster

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^ I hear you man. The 'roughest' wood I have been on would have to be Grizzly. The roughest steel however could be boomerang at SFMW. But I would more consider that forceful not rough. Perhaps even Kong, that ride is semi-rough Either way the roughest roller coaster I have ever been on would have to be Grizzly.

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Okay, further back in this thread someone asked what exactly was bad about the Manhattan Express in Vegas. The old trains, they sounded like there were loose bolts and screws in the trains. The train just feels like its not solidly attached to the track, or the track is really that rough. To me the worst part of the ride is the loop. The most head-banging happens there. But to be the ride does have a redeeming quality, the heartline twist and dive is great and the "smoothest" part of the ride.

The new trains were not that bad when they were first put on, but it seems like they have been broken in.......literally. But I still would have to say there are worst rides out there.


Someone also said the Canyon Blaster definately at the Adventuredome. I would have to disagree with that one, if you ride a train that has been running for a while and doesnt have new wheels on it, then maybe, but after a train has been rehabed its a ride that isnt that bad. Sure the ride is an old arrow looper, but it has the best climate conditions for any coaster. The same temprature year round, it has it made. But there are definately worst rides than the Canyon Blaster.


Worst wood I would say is Psyclone at SFMM in the front row. Alot of the bunny hills slam you into the restraint and can be quite painful..


Desperado in Primm Nevada at Buffalo Bills can be bad too, its just a coaster in extreme heat and not aging well

Just a word of advice do not sit in the very front or the very back of any car. Sit in the middle row of the car, avoid sitting on top of a load bearing wheel.





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Wood is easily Carowinds' Hurler. Steel is Ninja SFOG I guess, that shaky brake run is frickin' terrifying.



Never rode anything too rough to reride, until this past year. I've ridden Hurler almost every year since it opened and man it gets worse every year. This year, in an admittedly half-empty train, the back was doing its best impression of a jackhammer.

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For me I would have to say Wild Beast a Paramont Canadas Wonderland. the only smooth part is the lift hill. and if you watch the floor where it meets the sides of the train they move and bend to extreme degrees. that ride used to be the smoothest of all the wood coasters at the park, now it has no air time at all. same with Minebuster. but it is smooth due to track reprofiling(now no air time) but scooby doos goaster coaster is amazing, the air time on that thing is intense. it makes me wonder if they made a mistake on the hight limit?

also i wonder if they made i a lager size version of scooby doos goaster coaster would it be as good as the small one or would i wear to fast and then suck?

Phot PCWjunkies


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Steel: Viper at SF Darien Lake


I think I will contradict that. Viper is pretty darn smooth. The restraints are not the best, but the track is smooth. Even with the restraints, I can easily ride it multiple times in a row without getting a head ache. I have ridden a few B&M's and Intamins so I know what a really smooth coaster can be.


Roughest Steel Coaster I have been on: Mantis at CP (But it is still my #6 Steel Coaster. It throws me around a lot, but it's not so bad that I won't ride it)


Roughest wood coaster: Cyclone at Astroland (I'm going down to Astroland this summer anyway to ride everything down there one last time)

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I have never ridden a coaster that has been too rough to re-ride, but I have ridden a few that are pretty damn rough:


~Steel~ Ninja @STStL- I love the ride in the back seat, but that sidewinder is BRUTAL.


~Wood~ Timber Wolf @ WOF- The ride has some great air, but overall the ride is the roughest coaster I have ever experienced. I still love the ride, but hopefully the new re-tracking will get rid of all that jackhammering.

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Roughest wood: Mighty Canadian Minebuster. This ride just plain SUCKS after all the re-profiling. All the airtime is gone,except for a little pop of it after the first drop, but it is too rough to enjoy. It's just a bunch of extremely painful, broad and spread out hills now. The restraint always closes even tighter after the first drop resulting in a terrible pain in my stomach and legs.


thecoasterkid said MCMB is worse than Mean Streak. I completely agree. Yes, Mean Streak is very shaky and kinda rough, but Mean Streak's boringness completely outweighs it's roughness.


Roughest Steel: Hmmm...Top Gun at PCW is pretty painful at the back, and Cedar Point's Corkscrew was pretty painful on the arms and legs due to the crappy airtime hill. But other than that I havent ridden too many rough steels.

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