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  1. For my girlfriend it is Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds. For me, just ask Robb, it is Psyclone at SFMM!
  2. Yes, Koepp, Kim Possible is HOT! And when we rode X last week, all I could think of is that video! We even pretended our Six Flags bag was moving around on its own. If you go to Cedar Point and ride Wicked Twister, TTD, or Millennium Force, there is an announcement saying "Glasses must be secured with an athletic strap" I just want to know which poicy is in effect. Intamin (no glasses whatsoever) or Cedar Fair (must be secured with an athletic strap) Thanks Brent 8) -Chris
  3. I see what you're saying but it was okay on Kingda Ka. Xcel would be no problem. Yeah, leave stuffed animals etc. in the bin or locker. They just need consistency with their policy.
  4. You are exactly right about consistency. I am writing a formal letter to the CEO of Cedar Fair and make him aware of it. Consistency in policy is a major issue parks strive for.
  5. Warning! Knott's is not guest-friendly! Go enjoy yourself at other fun parks! It's definitely not worth the credits, if that's what you want.
  6. Call it Xcelerator because as far as I'm concerned the one at Knott's doesn't exist since I refuse to go there ever again!
  7. Wild Adventures Carowinds SFOG Dollywood Great Adventure Silverwood Lagoon Park Kings Dominion SF Fiesta Kennywood Knoebel Dorney Park SFNE Canada's Wonderland La Garda Hansa Park Cosmoworld Sea Paradise Cedar Point Stratosphere SFMM AND ANYWHERE BUT KNOTT'S!
  8. Nitro at SFGrAdv and Scream at SFMM. I think they used leftover paint from Nitro to paint Scream but I love those color schemes!
  9. Knott's disciminates against riders with glasses. My friend is legally blind without her glasses and we waited extra long to get a front row seat on Xcelerator so she could see. They would not let her ride even though her glasses were secure with straps. We spoke to Tiffany in guest services and Tiffany said it is an Intamin policy about glasses. I can't imaging Intamin even caring about whether someone loses glasses. Knott's policy states that headgear is allowed as long as it is secure. She has ridden Kingda Ka, Top Thrill Dragster, Millenium Force, and Wicked Twister. ALL with her glasses. We left Knott's without even riding Ghost Rider. I do not ever plan to go back there again!
  10. 1. Cedar Point 2. Great Adventure 3. Dollywood 4. Magic Mountain 5. SFOG 6. Carowinds 7. Busch Gardens 8. Disneyworld 9. Kennywood 10. Las Vegas
  11. I personally can't wait until SFOG builds Goliath. Nitro was my all time favorite roller coaster. Those clamshell restraints are ingenious! SFOG has made an excellent choice for an extreme ride addition to their park with Goliath. This to me is the most exciting news for 2006! This coaster will be a landmark in the southeast and most likely my new favorite! RIP Great Gasp and Looping Starship.
  12. Don't hold your breath! I went there a few weeks ago and several rides are closed including: Cheetah, Boomerang, Chaos (which is being replaced), bongo's bumper boats, and a couple of kiddy rides. It was still worth the trip.
  13. El Jalapeno, Jr. Six Flags Over Georgia. Luis Gomez will make it just right!
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