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  1. Wow! Congratulations! Hope you guys are having a good time with her! I'm soo happy for you guys! Joseph
  2. The only ride that this has ever done this to me is Dragon Fire at Paramounts Canadas Wonderland, and the ride is not even that intenese. It never had happened to me untill this past year. But every time I ride in the last car, last row and seat on the right side, while going through the second vertical loop, I get a full grey out, and i've gotten one Black out, of all the rides on it this year( only when I do the above listed things). The worst part about it is that right after, the train veers into a left pull out into two consecutive corkscrews . The only thing different is that I do not get a bad headache and I don't feel sick for the rest of the day. Joseph.
  3. I know, but you have to say that the white chedder ones are good, But the only problem is that they don't make for a full stomach.
  4. I just ate a whole package of rice cakes. I'm still hungry.
  5. I voted for Vortex simply an amazing ride. Esspically if Timber Wolf Falls descends its hill as your car passes. I really think the ride would be more amazing if it got floorless trains, It would be the cherry on top of an already perfect ride.
  6. Hello, I was just searching and dreaming of buying a second hand ride and saw this picture of an S&S Launched Coaster! In the back ground of the second picture there is a woden roller coaster (hurler), and then what looks like the top of the Effle Tower. Check it out, and respond if you think that this is right. It has not been taken off of the park website, but it says that it is avalible immediantly on the seller's website. Here's the link!www.italintl.com/detail_page.php?record_id=937
  7. My Homepark is Paramount Canadas Wonderland which is one hour from my house. No wonder I only have 28 credits. But it is still a themepark, so I can't complain.
  8. The only tunnel on a roller coaster that I have been on is Minebuster, At PCW. I really like how fast you enter and exit it at fast speeds. I really enjoy it because it has a loud, cluastraphobic effect as the sound ricochets off the walls and everybody is screaming in the background, It has that classic coaster kind of ending( I still like this ride even though the hills were retro fitted with the curved tops of the hills But I still enjoy it. Plus, I have only been on 28 coasters so I Have only a Few choices to make.) I can't wait to ride Magnum because there is an aritime hill right in the tunnel, and from a video I have seen it looks like it gives a mighty powerful punch of airtime in the pitch blackness of it all. Joseph.
  9. Were both Intimin/B&M together when Flash Back SFMM was designed? It would be interesting to see B&M create new trains for Flash Back either in floorless or Stand up. It would definantly be more comfortable! But since it is being torn down, that idea is too later. Joseph.
  10. [quote="robbalvey It's cool Joe. You did everything correct. And for your age you write very well! Thank you! --Robb Your Welcome. I think that it looks weird when you write in cap locks and uncapitilized letters. It is hard to read. (for me)
  11. I wasn't talking about inverted to floorless or the other way around, but the sit down to flying is possible. Just reverse the hinge of the train to the seats to allow for opposte operation. Just like the Vekoma Dutchman (do those cars hinge or are they staionary and you have to lay down to get into the seats?) But, I can understand if you thought that i was thinking that , I did not descript that in very much detail. The part about turing a Inverted into a Floorless is hillarious. i'm thinking about it right now. I'm going to draw a picture... i'll post in a minute or 30. Joseph.
  12. Sorry, I thought that goliath at SFMM was built by B&M Silly Me. I'm Changing It. I Guess I Learned Something New Today!
  13. Hey everybody, I was just wondering if a B&M roller coaster could have the trains replaced from one kind to another? (Like Medusa getting replaced from floorless trains to standup trains?) Is this possible in any way, Because I read in a book of mine that arrow tried to create custom stand up trains for their previous sit down models, but they were too heavy for the track. But, from looking at pictures af sit down and standup trains (all of the different styles) look roughly the same size and weight, so it looks like B&M would be capable in doing this. I also think that maybe the design is made for a certin type of train as of length and width of the track, but all are four abrest seating, so I have no clue. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know? Thanks, Joseph. P to the S; Sorry if this has already been discused in the forum, or if this topic is posted in the wrong fourm, I am new at posting topics on TPR and don't know how to search the website for previous posted topics.
  14. Ooooooo . It says that it is like 24.5 mm by 15.5 mm (I think thats what I saw) That is tiny, plus it looks like a gun or something that would be used to create havic and nightmareish mass destuction throughout the universe. but, kind of looks like a laser gun or super heavy duty laser level created to get the job right the first time. You know
  15. Yeah, I agree with Tanks4me05. viper is really smooth and the only thing thats not great is the restaints. Good ride though and great layout.
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