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  1. If you watch closely it looks like the boy's seat bends forward a little. It happens around 14 seconds into the video when the train is coming into the brakes backwards.
  2. Eh...no, that's a matter of opinion really. He's saying that the retheming of an area of a theme park is more devastating than losing a classic coaster... Obviously people have personal connections with Big Bad Wolf and are upset with its removal and Robb loved The Lost Continent and he's not too pleased with its partial destruction....but is his analysis really that fair? Some people don't love the Lost Continent as much as he does, and Robb clearly doesn't see what others see in BBW.
  3. Uhh...you do know that a couple people (and an innocent baby) have died from the Swine Flu? I don't recall people dying from the common flu. Google is your friend: "The Centers for Disease Control estimates 36,000 people die annually in the United States from the flu." http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/local/story/Common-flu-far-more-deadly-than-swine-flu-in-U-S/SYwVqQF_3Umy0qY3qhp9zQ.cspx
  4. That would be Canada's Wonderland. The coasters you described are Flight Deck and Time Warp and there actually some screencaps on the IMDB page for Flashpoint of this episode. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3458829056/tt1059475 Time Warp: http://www.rcdb.com/ig2516.htm?picture=8 Flight Deck: http://www.rcdb.com/ig57.htm?picture=6
  5. I think you misread that. It means it's being repainted the same red and teal.
  6. A new update from KICentral.com http://www.kicentral.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=293
  7. Yeah, Adblock is the single greatest add-on you can possibly get for Firefox. I've heard that any content you post with Google Chrome essentially becomes property of Google...
  8. This coaster looks really cool and I hope I can eventually get down to Worlds of Fun and ride it. Hopefully not too many trees are ripped out in the construction process... I'm a big fan of GCI, and I hope Cedar Fair will continue to add GCI coasters to their parks!
  9. Doesnt Magic Mountain still have it? Magic Mountain has EVERYTHING! lol Magic Mountain doesn't have a Tilt-a-Whirl...
  10. Oblivion is available for the PS3 as well. And although the console itself may be cheaper than the PS3, in the long run you'll pay more than the PS3 if you use Live.
  11. FYI people, July 1st is Canada Day. I would expect the park to be just as crowded as usual for most of the day, and in the evening more people will start coming in for the fireworks.
  12. How so? ACE seems to be so concerned about 'preserving' classic coasters and they were offered the chance to do so with this one. I'm pretty sure Cedar Fair did this to shut them up, as many of them were speaking out about saving the Big Dipper. Do you honestly think CF thought ACE was going to take it?
  13. ^ No need to be so rude, he will get better at using the camera the more he uses it. I've had my DSLR for months and I'm still experimenting and learning new things.
  14. WALL-E without a doubt. Pixar movies are always unique and tell a good story that can appeal to all age groups. Dreamworks is all about the fart jokes.
  15. The back car was open today and the trims were not noticeable. I don't think the ride being 'too forceful' has anything to do with it.
  16. Thanks for the photos pkdcoaster and pkd freak. The ride looks really good in its new home.
  17. Nice TR. The first thing I noticed about Planet Snoopy is that the paths, for once, are not concrete! It looks pretty nice.
  18. According to somebody at CWMania: Not sure how they know, but I consider them fairly trustworthy.
  19. For those who have ridden Behemoth and other B&M hypers, did the Behemoth seats seem smaller than the usual B&M hyper seats? There seemed to be a lot of people having trouble fitting properly that wouldn't have any problems on the other B&M hypers.
  20. I really love all the good stories I'm hearing of Six Flags this season, let's hope they can keep it up. You'd never get treated like that in a Cedar Fair park...
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