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Roughest coaster

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Colossus at Thorpe vibrates so much it made my fillings hurt after a few rides and the teeth stayed sore for ages.


X beat me up far more the any coaster ever has, it was the fly to lie sections where i was pulled out of my seat diagonally and thrown back again.


I think it wouldn't be so much of a problem if I was stapled down in the seat, but the restraint comes to the top of my shoulders long before it reaches my lap.

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T2 at SFKK, Racer (Forward) at KI, and the Toboggan at Little A-Merrick-A.


T2- enough said.


Racer (Forward)- On one of the hills, my lapbar ended up knocking down my restraint another notch and it stapled my "man-parts." Ouch for the rest of the ride.


Toboggan- Just an experience and extremely claustrophobic. I hated that ride, but at least I got the credit!

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I experience terrible jack hammering on both SoB and the beast but i still enjoyed em', dunno why. But the roughest coaster i've been on would be probably mantis cause my legs just kill after riding that coaster. And possibly some coasters in the very back like The Great White at Morey's piers, although it's a lot of fun in the front.

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Zeus is really bad, but Predator, River King, Twister II, and Cyclone(Lakeside, yet this ride is still awesome) are all rough. This whole year seems bad for roughness as rides that I rode last year were considerably rougher when I rode them this year.(Viper, Zeus, and Screamin Eagle just to name some)

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My updated top 3 :


1. Coaster Express - Parque Warner

2. Gouderix - Parc Astérix

3. Bandit - Moviepark Germany


Nr 3 is new in my top 3 : 2 weeks ago I rode it again for the first time in several years. It is really rough now and that's really a pitty since this coaster has a very nice layout with a lot of headchoppers.

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1. Vekoma Corkscrew @ LA Ronde.

2. Cyclone SFNE (I probably just caugh it on a bad day, alot of people I talk to say its perfectly bearable most of the time.)

3. SOB

4. Top Gun PCW err... CW now I guess


. ]


I guess I might as well go for the smoothest too.

1. Vampire (La Ronde. I know its a batman clone, but it's possibly my all time favorite)


3. El Toro

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Probably the roughest coaster I have been on is Astroland's Cyclone... Predator hurts, but if you sit SECOND CAR, FIRST ROW (just so people will remember it) it actually isn't horrible, and you start to notice some of the airtime the ride has.

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1. EXT- Extreme Roller (Worlds of Fun, MO)- long dead, by now, I think..was WOF's first stand-up and I had bruises around my ears for days.

2. Space Mountain (WDW), opening year. Granted, I was barely 9 years old, but it beat the crap out of me.

3. Cyclone (SFNE)- ugh...the pain..

4. Comet (Texas State Fairgrounds, Dallas)- long gone, I think. Damn fun but it "hurt my giblets."

5. Shock Wave (SFoT)- is it gone?..coming out of the 2nd loop always wonked me in the head..

Misc: Royal American Show's "Zyklon", SFNE's Mind Eraser (not that bad)..oh, and Kong (Marine World, Vallejo)..ouch

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Gotta be Son of Beast for me. I sat in the front seat with my long legs almost crossed and the bar just about broke my left leg. I was sore for a week after riding and wasn't sure the credit was worth it!

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OK lets see now... , Let me think OH YES!!!




Seriously!, That ride made my back Hurt! for a moment I thought my spine snapped in two!, Sheese I was eajected out from the seat Multipul times Thank god for the seatbelts!


Grand National dose not come in far behind, I know its over 60 Years old, but realy it was realy Bumpy!


Ive been on AT Corkscrew I quite enjoyed it


Antelope at Gullivers man that was simply Hell!


Other rides ive been on that were compleet ouch


Goudrix- I thought I chipped a tooth!

Prededtor & Mind Eraser DL

Seirra Tonate- Thank god there removing it


El Condor, Xpress & La Via Volta at Walabi World

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Son Of Beast .......easily for me, over worthy rough rides Mean Streak & Raging Wolf Bobs. I actually liked Psyclone, not anywhere near as rough as these, or many others in my opinion.

Special mention to those steel nasties - almost all SLC & Boomerangs.

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T2 at SFKK was real bad, The Beast back row late morning after the second lift hill was so rough I feared for my life. Ghostrider last august was awful I was glad for the ride to finish - on previous visits it's been good, though those visits were just after it's annual rehab in Sept.

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