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  1. Yes Have you rode all the Deja Vu's?
  2. Hey I returned to the park today and found that the ugly tall fence removed which means..... New Rides! Swings is what you see first. Next up is Twister a powered kiddie coaster. Finely theres Super Round Up a Round Up Ride. And I'll leave you with an overview.
  3. That exit sign is what every park needs theres so many people going in the exit to ride rides at Six Flags Over Texas.
  4. Yes Are you on your computer for more then 6 hours?
  5. I'm going June and I need to know how to get from Newark Airport to a Hotel near Six Flags Great Adventure. Without renting a car.
  6. It's supposed to have a lot of trees it's gonna be a very shaded/forest park.
  7. Hey theres this new park thats opened up in Euless, Texas. Heres a statement I found from Jack, Russel the owner. Wow I hope they can keep that look. Anyway here are some pictures I took today. The Mad Mouse coaster. The Morgan Carousel. Caterpillar A relocated ride from some defunct park. On the right corner is Rotor another relocated ride from that same park. I'll be back later tomorrow to take more pictures.
  8. Wow thats cool I wish I could have that in by back yard, Or maybe a backyard Skyride.
  9. El Toro. Even though I'm going there this year if I were to die before that I'd pick it.
  10. I wanted people to use their searching skills. Duran Duran- Hungry Like The Wolf.
  11. I personally don't hate vegetarians, I think of them as normal people. But at my school almost everyone hates them and when I ask why they say "I just do". Which confuses me because you've got to have a reason to dislike something and "I just do" isn't a reason at all. So I don't know why people think vegetarians are bad, I have a vegetarian friend and shes a nice person. So I really don't know how this hate started.
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