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Roughest coaster

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The most rough roller-coaster I've been on is Lethal Weapon at Movie World Australia (Vekoma SLC). I say Remove the blue train and only have red train as it is smooth. But I've only been on 18 coasters so I'm an enthusiast in training

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The three worst for me:


Mind Eraser @ SFA: Very rough and un-enjoyable, made me hate Vekoma all over again (I started to forgive them for boomerangs while riding Two-Face that day).


Hurler @ PKD: Roughest wooden coaster I've been on, only coaster where I've had to hold on at risk of injury, the airtime makes it worth it though.


Roar @ SFA: Overrated and rough. I really didn't find it too great, and it sounded like it was literally trying to tear me apart. Rough and painful, I've never ridden it twice in a row.

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1. Gwazi Tiger - the only coaster to actually injure me! - BGT

2. Georgia Cyclone - SFoG

Everything else after those two just becomes a blur because they were all horrible, including:

Mean Streak - Cedar Point

Mind Eraser - Darien Lake

Predator - Darien Lake

Ninja - SFoG

Thunderhawk - Geuaga Lake


Mighty Canadian Minebuster - PCW

Top Gun - PCW

Vortex - PKI

Any Boomerang (never ridden a Boomerang I'd ride again)



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1) Drachen Fire at BGW. I think I'm still pulling parts of the shoulder restraints out of my ears from that one

2) Shockwave at Paramount's Kings Dominion. Togo. Need I say anymore.

3) Flying Unicorn at IOA. It may have been because I was by myself or if it was that ride, but it was really rough when I went on it

4) Mind Eraser at SFA. Vekoma SLC. Again, need I say more.

5) Hurler at both Paramount's Kings Dominion and Paramount's Carowinds. Time hasn't been kind to either of these Hurlers. They were moderately good when they first came out, but now they throw you around like a martini shaker.

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