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  1. They still do have allocated seating, however if you ask the loader if you can wait for a specific seat they will let you.
  2. Wild West Falls at Movie World has Lap Bars and operations have always been really good. for a 7 minute ride with anywhere between 11 - 13 boats in circulation we would normally get about 600 per hour. For an Australian park that was pretty good, the constantly moving platform made things easier as we would only stop it for a guest that required assistance or if all the checks were not completed before a boat got to the end of the platform. I think my personal record as a loader in peak season and 15 boats on the ride was 850 riders with each boat having 8 riders. But that was when it was a full crew and making sure every row was constantly filled (off peak if it was a group of 4 riders we would let them have their own boat if they wanted and the line wasn't too big) IMO if it's done properly like Wild West Falls was, Lap Bars really don't lower the capacity too much at all.
  3. Good luck with that. Village Roadshow are very strict on loose items sadly, so unless they release an official video themselves I wouldn't count on it sadly
  4. Hey guys! As many of you might now be aware DC Rivals Hypercoaster entered technical rehearsals today! I got to ride it 3 times this afternoon. First ride was facing backwards, second time I went in the front row and the third time I went in row 10 (best seat for Airtime). As far as the ride goes, a few little things to note. Riding backwards is an extra $10 per person and is reserved in half hour slots (so your wristband might say return between 10:30am and 11:00am for example). Fast track is also currently unavailable at this stage and from what I have heard is likely not to be implemented until December at this stage. Operations were pretty good considering they were only running 1 train from 2:30pm until around 4:15pm. They then added the second train at that time to help get the lines down. Lines were around 45 minutes to a hour with 1 train going, but they were still stacking even with 2 trains. But considering it was the first day of operation and they are still not officially open they were not doing too badly. They had 4 loaders checking harnesses and a sorter as well so they went pretty quickly. I think the longest part of the loading was actually waiting for passengers to get on and off the train. Harness checking was very quick once that was done. I have attached a few photos that I took, they aren't the best but they are better than nothing I guess. As far as seating goes I'd say riding backwards is by far the best (despite the upcharge) then front row and row 10. Best roller coast I have been on myself, and Village Roadshow and Mack Rides should be very impressed with the investment they made. Approx. 10 seconds until a minute of riding bliss A train of happy riders heading up the lift hill A train load of passengers returns happy Waiting for "Technical Rehearsals" to begin A bit of a look inside the station
  5. The food at Sea World hasn't improved that much at all. However at Dreamworld and even Movie World the food has dramatically improved. Just don't get a burger from the village theme parks
  6. Looks like they have reused most of the VR footage from Movie World's Arkham Asylum Coaster in Australia. Not a bad thing by any means as IMO the VR worked wonders on the attraction here and is a very solid addition.
  7. Would be great to do it after the Commonwealth Games IMO as the parks are adding quite a bit hopefully before then, but whilst it's on i'll be avoiding the area like the plague (and i'm a local!). However the moment dates are announced for this, I intend to do this. I can't quite afford an overseas trip right now, and even though i've been to most of the parks here it still seems like a great experience either way.
  8. Funny you should mention a Hot Wheels themed roller coaster. Dreamworld in Australia is in the process of refurbishing / retheming it's Arrow Roller Coaster (Cyclone) into a Hot Wheels themed ride. "A special part of Australian motor racing history will soon have a new home at Dreamworld with motor racing royalty converged on Dreamworld as three Peter Brock racing cars - including his most famous ride ‘The Big Banger’ - arrived at the park, the first instalment in Dreamworld’s new Motorsports Precinct. With works underway the construction is on track for Brock’s Garage doors to open post-Christmas showcasing 30 replica and authentic Brock vehicles. Other precinct highlights include the Hot Wheels themed rollercoaster (formerly ‘Cyclone’), six state-of-the-art V8 supercar racing simulators, the Grid Burgers and Sports Bar and Trackside retail outlet. The revamped Hot Wheels themed rollercoaster train will replicate Hot Wheels vehicles, complete with racing harnesses and steering wheels. Precinct partner Dunlop will provide theming throughout Trackside and the sports bar and the Trackside retail outlet will be filled with Hot Wheels merchandise, motorsports memorabilia and branded gear. The precinct also doubles as an air conditioned corporate event venue for 250 people seated or 480 standing, with a full working kitchen and bar on-site. After the vehicles short appearance in park for the media, the Brock cars will be stored until the Motorsports Precinct opens after Christmas 2015."
  9. Here is the video in question about the open air Zipper [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  10. http://www.afr.com/business/tourism/royal-caribbean-dream-boat-to-debut-in-australia-in-2017-20150415-1mleb1 Can I say right now how damn excited I am that a QUANTAM class ship is coming to Australia in 2017! I've been looking enviously at the other ships that RCCL have and compared to anything we have in Australia this is just amazing. http://www.royalcaribbean.com.au/findacruise/ships/class/ship/home.do?shipCode=OV&wuc=AUS
  11. iPhone 6+ 128GB Space Grey. Finally Apple released what is IMO the perfect phone for me, the screen is just gorgeous and the phone feels great in the hand. I think my iPad Air is a bit jealous as it's not getting used anywhere near as much anymore now.
  12. I'd say honestly Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster and Superman for obvious reasons. Overall my favourite park as far as friendliness and just pure fun would have to be Aussie World. The staff are just awesome and seriously love their jobs and nothing is too much for them to make sure your day is great. The WipeOut at Dreamworld also gets an honourable mention for me, as it's one of the only Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flips left and it's just had a full on refurb so it should still be around for a long time yet.
  13. So... my mum decided she really liked my Nokia Lumia 1020 and brought it off me. So I brought a Samsung Galaxy SIII (4G LTE version with 2GB RAM instead of 1GB) I know it's an older model phone to be buying brand new but when it outperforms phones that are being released right now... it's a very good phone. I did love my iPhone 5 though, but the screen really was just a bit too small for my liking. If they had at 4.5 inch screen or something i'd maybe consider switching back.
  14. This annoys me too - it's probably park policy but the employees at Movie World seem to enjoy telling guests that they need to go all the way around to ride again. Really irritating on a ride like Arkham Asylum, where one cycle takes about ten minutes because the park has found the slowest possible way to operate an SLC. As an ex employee of Warner Bros. Movie World I would like to clarify a few things with you. It is park policy to not allow re-rides on the attractions within the park. The only major ride that allows re-rides is Wild West Falls when it's quiet and we would allow you to stay in the boat if you chose to and there was no one waiting. Superman Escape and Scooby Doo we can't allow re-rides as there is no actual way to get back to the platform except by using the staff doors between load and unload. These doors are only to be used for staff transit and disabled guests / parent swaps. If we actually allowed you to go through those doors to re-ride we would actually get a written warning. With Scooby Doo in particular it's because the unloader physically can't see how long the line is and can't leave the fenced off area. With Superman the groups are already sorted 9 out of 10 times before the train comes into the unload station so we can't let you through. Personally I never worked on Arkham Asylum but I did know Lethal Weapon. I know the procedure changed for that ride allowing re-rides as we were allowed to slip you through the chain near the front of the panel and join the groups behind the gate if there wasn't a line or allow you to go on an empty seat. I have no bloody idea why the procedure changed when the ride was re-themed... but if a staff member was caught doing it, you would get a written warning. And with a company that right now is doing anything at all to reduce staff / labour no one is willing to risk it. Hope that answers your question, doesn't mean the staff approve of it... but they aren't willing to get themselves in trouble.
  15. Can I just honestly say right now... that coaster makes some of the roller-coasters i've seen at carnivals look like something B+M built! I personally don't think I would allow myself on that ride yet alone a child if I had one!
  16. We actually DO have Bag-O-Crap contests that include overseas. This past one had winners in Australia, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Portugal, more! The current video Bag-O-Crap contest that is stickied on the forum is also open to international members. Well... it goes to show that I haven't read the new T+C for the Bag-O-Crap contests as I do remember there being something a while back about it. Oh well... guess i've just missed out on crap that I could have won! Will keep an eye out on your contests in the future
  17. The Lap Bars on Green Lantern are some of the most comfortable restraints I have ever used. The seats are also nice and squishy. I got stuck on the brake run on a nice overcast day for about 30 minutes... and I could have quite happily just fallen asleep in the chair... or had a cocktail in my hand and made myself at home. I would even go as far as saying they are more comfortable than the old school Intamin T-Bar restraints that rides like Superman at Magic Mountain used to use...
  18. Can I just say that from reading this thread it is very nice to see Robb and Elissa giving so much back to the community that supports them. So many other websites just take your money of a subscription without actually giving much back, and it's so nice to see the kindness that you both provide. I guess it's one of the major reasons why TPR is the only theme park forum that I read for news apart from local ones more targeted at Australia. I do kind of wish that the TPR bag o crap competitions were able to be entered by people from overseas, but I can understand why you have limited it due to postage costs unless that rule has changed and i'm not aware of it. Keep up the amazing work Robb and Elissa, and I'm sure if you keep the attitude you guys have... well it's just like Indian food, it's always better the next day
  19. Kentucky Kingdom had a similar ride (Quake) that was built by Vekoma in the early 90's. There are currently only 3 of them left in existence, at Space World in Japan, Six Flags Mexico and Dreamworld in Australia. The seating is back to back like on most top spin rides and not in seating like the ride in the video. It's hard to tell if this model is a modified version of the Waikiki Wave with the seating or a one off ride. In fact it almost looks like it could have been a very early version of the Mondial Roll Over but without inverting, possibly a prototype? I know Vekoma built the Waikiki Wave first before building 3 Super Flip variants (inverting models listed above)
  20. From musical's i've seen i'd say Legally Blonde: The Musical was my favourite, followed by Wicked and Grease. There was recently a production in Australia of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that was pretty damn awesome. From the previews i've seen of Newsies it looks good too, i'd love to see that and Matilda come to Australia though.
  21. As someone that went to the HKDL version, I will say this is a very good attraction... except for the fact that Stitch confused me for my mums HUSBAND... Kinda awkward, but a very cute and fun attraction.
  22. Considering this thread is a few years old, and most people might have got new phones... would be interesting to see just how many people still have iPhones or have jumped to a new OS like Android or WP8. I personally have recently got a Nokia Lumia 1020, it's a bit chunky but it takes amazing photos with the 41mp camera. It's such a nice phone, and has heaps of features compared to other cameras on mobile phones which is great for people wanting to learn a bit more about photography before shelling out for a DSLR.
  23. Bungy jumping and go karting, I guess it helps working at a go kart complex that has bungy jumping. I'm talking about Go Karts that go a good 80kph... As far as Bungy jumping, nothing can quite live up to the rush you get from it. I'm not scared of heights by any means... but when I went jumping for the first time (40m high) I will admit I nearly chickened out... I was standing on the platform with the cable attached to my ankles for nearly 5 minutes before I just took the plunge. But the rush... nothing could quite describe it, it's the most amazing feeling i've ever had in my life!
  24. I guess it really depends on where you get them. In Australia we are limited in range for burritos but they are not those tacky ones you get from Taco Bell (back when we had Taco Bell in Australia in the mid 90's... kinda miss it a bit) So I would go with a nice burger just because they are more consistent and have a bit more variety. And well, gourmet burgers have really taken off in my home town over the last few years. Still think the best one I had was a pulled pork with apple chutney burger with lettuce and tomato... so good!
  25. Personally, I really like the heartline loops that Vekoma use on the SLC. I guess it helps having the Kumbak trains on my local one to relieve the head banging. When it had the stock Vekoma trains on it, the loop was brutal but the Sidewinder was actually really smooth and quite forceful. I guess if I was having to go with a general inversion a In Line Twist / Barrel roll would be my favourite such as the 2nd inversion on El Loco models and the one at the top of Maurer Söhne SkyLoops, nothing like hanging 45m in the air with just a lap bar!
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