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  1. Joey, you're totally right. Especially on the really big ships, the only time you ever even feel the ocean is when it's a bad storm! Anyways, here is a nice little video about the Portofino up-charge restaurant onboard. We weren't planning on eating here again, (been there, done that last time), but we got comped because they lost my luggage (for the first day). Good thing I was smart enough to put my swimsuit in my backpack!
  2. Hey guys and gals. I've been getting more of my footage edited together and I thought you might want to see this video of our final day/night onboard the Navigator a few weeks ago. There was a nasty storm and up to force 9 winds. The video just does not do it justice! Walking around on the top deck was quite an adventure. I thought it was all funny during the day, but at night things were blowing all over the place, the ship was totally rocking, people were puking and I couldn't sleep a wink because it constantly felt like I was falling out of the bed! Not cute. Have you ever had a storm like this onboard?
  3. I would also like to point out that you can get "to-go" coffee cups with lids at the Promenade Cafe/Sorrento's etc. Just a hint.
  4. Very well said! You seriously can achieve cave darkness in an inside cabin!
  5. I thought a Promenade View sounded cool, too, until I was actually on the ship. I am absolutely not shy, but I just feel like people would be looking in my window all the time... especially the people in the rooms directly across! That would mean I would have the curtain closed all the time and I might as well have in inside cabin. A Central Park Balcony, on the other hand, sounds really cool.
  6. A word about which cabin to book. I have now been on 3 different RCL ships and been in 3 different cabin classes. Inside (Mariner), Porthole (Monarch), and Balcony (Navigator). After experiencing all 3 I can tell you this: if you can afford a balcony, DO IT! Otherwise, just stay in an inside cabin and save the money! Paying extra $$$ for a tiny little window to the outside world is just not worth it. I mean, you can't even open it, and most of the time that you spend in the cabin is at night, so it is dark outside and you can't see a single thing through it anyways! What do other experienced cruisers think about inside vs porthole vs balcony?
  7. And I'm back with two videos from the cruise. The first one is a tour of our cabin: and this is a tour of (most of the) ship itself: I apologize in advance to the monitors if I edit this post a million times, but somehow I always pick the wrong way to imbed a video!
  8. Joey, that is debatable. We also talked about it and my opinion is this: since the "normal" food is already so good, the only reason(s) to really go to Portofino are if you are looking for a special evening or if money is not an option. What you pay for, basically, is the atmosphere. It is much quieter inside. You get to sit with just your party at a small table of 2 or 4 instead of huge tables with lots of strangers. There aren't waiters coming to the table every fricken 10 seconds to offer you bread or more water or another napkin or show you a magic trick, like in the main dining room, so you can actually have a conversation without being constantly interrupted. (We found that really annoying this time in the main dining room!). We got "comped" into Portofino this time and, although I really have no complaints, I just don't see any reason to pay to go again, (unless we were celebrating something special).
  9. ...here we go! The chefs in the kitchen at Portofino were very entertaining when I asked if I get take a picture. Some of the lunch time buffet goodies in the Windjammer. These were the "healthy" desserts. Mmmmm, curry. The "real" desserts. The next few pics are breakfast in the Windjammer Buffet. Bacon, anyone? Or perhaps some cereal? During the whole week, we ate one meal on-land. We found a totally quaint restaurant off the beaten path in Chania, Greece. It was so romantic and picturesque that it almost seemed "themed". There was this wall with running water pouring out of clay pots on different levels which separated the dining area from the "side-walk" area. I had olives, Saginaki, (fried cheese), and this potato garlic spread with a hidden Mickey pepper on top. Markus had... ...THIS!
  10. Hey cruise fans! We were on the gigantic Navigator of the Seas last week in the Mediterranean and I'm getting around to re-sizing the pics and uploading the videos. Let's start with the food! This salad was good, but I don't know if it was better than normal sex. This was called Pasta Coglioni, or something very similar. Vegetarian and good! Markus had some kind of meat something. He said it was great. Dessert #1 Dessert #2 Dessert #3 The dining room was so elegant and amazing. We also ate at Portofino. This was my appetizer. Vegetarian goodness! Meaty appetizer. Our main course was brought to the table on this elegant wagon. That's my pasta and Markus ordered a bunch of dead fish stuff which was all grilled on a stick and then put on his plate at the table. Pasta with pesto. Not bad at all! This was the tiramisu, which came with a mini shot of Baileys and Kahlua. Because I can never decide, I just ordered this sampler plate of 4 different deserts. They were all great except for the blob of creamy white jello, or whatever that was. Round two coming soon...
  11. We're leaving in 10 days for a weeklong cruise on the Navigator of the Seas in the Med! It may sound strange but, because we were just in all the same ports last April, we may stay on the ship the entire time! Also interesting to note, I am "down lining", (a term I recently learned), which means I am boarding the ship a day later than the cruise actually begins. It's a long story, but I am surprised they even offered to let me do it. Markus is boarding on the 21st in Rome/Civichewbacca and I am boarding the next day in Messina. I'm taking a puddle jumper flight over to Sicily and I'm actually kind of worried about it. Not about flying, about missing the boat! There is only this one flight that will make it on time and if the weather is bad or the flight is delayed, I'm screwed!
  12. Hey! Anyone have any experience on both MSC and RCCL? We have a week off coming up and there are basically two options that would work for us: one is in the RCCL Navigator in the Med, but all ports that we have already been to, the other is on the MSC Fantasia in the Med, but to all new ports. We're leaning toward RCCL because we're fans and want the C&A points, but are thinking it might be interesting to try out a totally new line and see something new. Any thoughts?
  13. Thanks for the tips. We actually had a really great trip and have made some good videos. Here's my video about the Monte Carlo, (where we ended up staying):
  14. I LOVE places like this! At my old home park, (Valleyfair in Minnesota), my "secret" place used to be the inside of the Red Garter Saloon. I was a young aspiring musical theater fan and, when I had a season pass in Highschool, no visit was complete without watching one of the shows in the Red Garter. Of course, the Red Garter Saloon was not secret, but unfortunately not many people went to the shows inside. That's why I always felt like it was my "insider tip". Air conditioned, live singing and dancing = teenage Morgan in heaven. I was so disappointed when they turned it into a sports bar!
  15. Tonight was "Cunard Day" in Hamburg, where the gigantic Queen Elisabeth ship "met" the even gigantic-er Queen Mary 2. I managed to get a pretty good seat for the action, but there were literally thousands packed down in the harbor trying to see everything. Here's a nice pic and a video will be uploaded by the morning It's rare for two huge ships like this to be here at the same time.
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