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  1. Finally, they put the Titan above Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain. That helix always made the ride more fun to me, but Amusement Today always disagreed until now.
  2. Wow! This coaster was really great. All G's were in check, and I thought the layout was pretty original. The only thing I would have liked to see was a few more airtime hills, but aside from that, I really enjoyed it!
  3. SFOT in line for runaway mountain.....and SF Hurricane Harbor in Dallas on the Black Hole.
  4. Alright, well I'm going to have to go against the crowd and say that the Texas Giant isn't that bad. The pain, at least for me is bearable. As far as rough goes, my vote probably goes for Zeus at Mt. Olympus. There is literally a pothole in the track I think after you go down the first drop and head up the second. Also, I rode hades 2 years ago, and it was great, and then I rode it this year. After coming out of the tunnel, the pain on the turn back towards the parking lot is almost unbearable. It's probably the most painful 5 seconds I've ever expierenced on a roller coaster. It was the reason I only did 4 rides on it on my trip there....
  5. If it was SFGam, wouldn't there have to be some kind of bridge in the supports? I'd assume they would put it in the place of deja vu/the old splashdown, and there is a path that runs between those two sites.
  6. SFOT? I really have no idea..... This coaster does look pretty sweet. Lots of speed and low to the ground elements.
  7. I was there on 7/9 and when I have a chance, I will be posting my trip report. I can confirm that there is no disko anywhere. It is gone.
  8. My list pales in comparison to most of these, but: SFGADv SFOT SFGAm Mt. Olympus Elitch Gardens Also, I listed them from best to worst.
  9. Wow, if they sue Six Flags, it will just add to our (Americans) already *great* reputation. What would their arguement be? They should have netted the whole ride in? Really, I feel bad for the family, but if the kid had any common sense he wouldn't have done what he did. And plus, didn't witnesses say he jumped not one, TWO fences? I just am in awe about how stupid this kid was...
  10. Watching six flags' stocks, I'm really not sure what six flags parks will still be left, or how many of these Six Flags new attraction rumors will be coming true. But if this rumor does come true, it would be nice to see SFMM get something relatively calm with decent airtime and not as intense as X or some ride of that type.
  11. Hey, sorry its been a while since I have posted a new roller coaster. I've been busy with band and other things. But now that it's summer, I have finally had a chance to put together a new coaster, called the terror. It's a pretty compact wooden coaster, with lots of airtime and positive G's. Stats: Max Speed: 54 MPH Length: 3,562 feet Height: 108 feet Drop: 97 feet Number of 90 degree turns: 3 Max G's: 4.8 Also, I don't know how to build custom stations, so there isn't one right now. Comments as always are appreciated! Photos will be posted soon. The Terror.nltrack
  12. I was up in New York visiting my grandparents for a week or so, and after much debate, I finally convinced my parents to take us to Six Flags Great Adventure. The ride down there was great, and upon entering the park, it was exactly how i had remembered it three years ago. We arrived at 10:45 and they were still testing everything, which made no sense to me considering the park opened at 10:30. Considering most schools in the surrounding states had school, it was pretty crowded, 2 hour waits on Ka and 1 hour waits on El Toro. Luckily, I got a Flash Pass. So first we headed to El Toro, and sat in the middle. There are no words to describe ET. It is just AMAZING the airtime on those hills. We got off and since they had just opened rolling thunder, we decided to go in the front seat of the first train. It was slightly painful, and kind of forceless. Well I had a Flashpass reservation for Ka, so we had some more time to blow, so I decided to ride ET again. This time, we sat in the back because there was no wait. I thought the middle was great, but the back was 10X better. It really wasn't that rough, but it was just extremely forceful. I was being pulled and pushed the whole ride. I got a ton of airtime at the top of the hills and I got slammed into the seat at the bottom. And plus I managed not to get stapled into ET. Honestly, ET is probably the best roller coaster I've ever ridden. Just wow. Well it was time to go ride Ka. Since I had heard that the front is the best, we decided to wait for the front. Well we waited 20 minutes and were next up, and some idiot had brought their hat on the ride, and it managed to get stuck on the launch track, so they shut the ride down and it took them 25 minutes to retrieve a hat off the launch track. Let me mention my dad is very strict, and we had until 2:45 to ride everything. Well Ka in the front was worth it. Being launched at 128 mph is really breathtaking. And the 456 foot drop was fun too. But aside from that, it wasn't anything special, although my younger brother loved it. Well, he was dying to ride The Dark Knight, and even though I've heard it is horrible, I wanted the credit so I tried it. All I have to say is that it is probably one of the biggest ways to waste 7 million dollars. I am glad that SFOT chose THBS rather then The Dark Knight. THBS is definitely more fun. Well we ran over to Nitro afterwards, and it was about 1:40. My brother, Tyler, wanted to ride Ka again, so we had a reservation at 2:05. We got on Nitro around 2, and it was pretty fun, but nothing breathtaking. I didn't find the helix all that forceful versus ET or Titan. We went back to Ka and got on the first train we could. It was nothing special. Although I wanted to end with ET again, Tyler wanted to ride Medusa, so we ran over there and finished right at 2:44. Overall it was a great day, and aside from somebody riding Ka with their hat, it was a great experience. Oh yeah, I also forgot, I witnessed the power of the locker nazis. On El Toro, a woman had a backpack, and she had been waiting for 45 minutes in line, and they kicked her off the ride and made her go back to the front. It took more time to kick her off the ride then for her to put her bag down on the other side. Oh well. Well in 4 hours on a semi-crowded day heres the ride count. KK-2 ET-2 RT-1 TDK-1 Nitro-1 Medusa-1
  13. Hey, thanks King of Ka. We decided to leave early tomorrow morning, and we might end up with a flashpass for 2, since my parents aren't really interested in riding roller coasters. When you say KK had a relatively short line, does that mean 20-30 minutes? Because I have to fit as much as I can in 4 and a half hours, so I'm thinking the flashpass might be the best option. I guess all I can really do is see how bad the lines are when I get there.
  14. Hey thanks guys for the advice! I think I finally suckered my dad into going to GADV.....! We are looking at going on Wednesday, and I know the kids in NY are still in school and I am pretty sure NJ is too. How long do you think I can expect for lines on El Toro and Kingda Ka? Thanks!
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