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  1. Wow, your attitude sucks....HARD. I worked in retail for about 10 years of my life and if I had your attitude I would have fired myself. Do us (your ignorant douchebag customers) all a favor and quit your job and go dig ditches somewhere. --Robb "So you're the lazy a$$-hat guy that bags my groceries, huh?" Alvey No, I'm that incredibly friendly guy who does a darn good job of hiding his contempt for customers at a major DVD chain and hustles his tail off. I might have a horrid attitude and I probably do, but I can sell product like nobody's business and I hustle. Not lazy at all, when a task needs done I do it and it gets done. And nobody above me stresses me about anything except making sales. Don't blame me, blame the job environment. Oh and to further enrage you all, unless the district manager's in the store, when I'm restocking shelves (while the store's open) i often wear my ipod. Not on my ears but loud enough that I (and likely others) can hear it.
  2. I work retail. As long as we're not at the counter we can discreetly make brief phone calls. Really??! I kind of doubt that. Would you be able to post the name of the place you work for so we can call the corporate office and verify their policy on employee cell phone use? I have a feeling they do not allow it - your manager may overlook it or just not care...but that does not mean it is allowed. The simple fact of the matter is when you work with the public you attention should be devoted to THEM - the paying customer. Anything that takes away from that is wrong and is contributing to the gradual decline of service in the USA. I could care less what the corporate policy is, quite frankly, because yes, my manager allows it. Does it himself in fact, and not just business. The quality of people in the USA is what's contributing to the gradual decline of service in the USA. I'm actually a really good clerk, patient and firm with "problem customers" and quite friendly and talkative. I'm not posting my job because I hate it. My customers are generally ignorant douchebags who ignore my every word besides the tab. They talk on their phones while jabbing their debit card in my general direction as I pack their stuff. Besides the whole "because that's what you're paid to do, wageslave" argument, why should I be so great? I hit my upsell goals and then some. That's all retail managers want. I may be wrong for that attitude, but so are the rude masses here in our great nation.
  3. I work retail. As long as we're not at the counter we can discreetly make brief phone calls.
  4. It's terrible customer service. Even when the game/ride is "dead." You're there to provide a service to the company and their guests, not chat on the phone at your free will on the company dime. That's for you to do when you're at home, not on the clock. If I ran a park (or any customer service company for that matter) and saw someone chatting or texting on their cell phone, they would be fired on the spot. --Robb "However I still think the ASO report is full of crap." Alvey With absolutely no disrespect intended - as i love your vids - I would never work for you. There are going to be times over the course of a day where you might need to communicate. In the case of game op at the Pavilion, they came around once a day and told us it was lunch time. If we had to pee, we needed to hold it and flag someone down. It was brutal in the sense that you never got a chance to take just two minutes to yourself which was something OK at every other job I've ever had. Besides, the customers very often don't even get off their cellphones anymore, so who's to say the employee - making a horrible wage and in my case being generally treated horribly - has to stand around when there's no-one around and just vegetate? Nobody at the Pavilion ever got on me about it so I'm thinking that as always with business the onus is on management, not the socalled "bad" employees.
  5. For what it's worth, I worked games. I see no problem with even ride ops talking on their phones when the ride/game is dead. None. BUT if there are customers, duh. Of course not. I think I may have been misconstrued.
  6. I'm sure you got breaks in your 12 hour shifts. Use the phone then, not when you're on the job. Yeah. One. At lunch. In this state, we have horrid worker rights and as a seasonal employee they aren't legally bound to give us more breaks. I notice nobody tackled my opinion of those who are complaining.
  7. OK, maybe it's not the greatest thing in the world to be on your cell at work, but f-ing a, have any of you worked at a theme park before? I worked at the Pavilion in Myrtle Beach one summer, and they worked us for 12 hr shifts at a WHOPPING $7.5/hr. How is it reasonable to expect one to never communicate for 12 hours at a time? I bet half the people making that statement either (a. work somewhere they can talk on a phone or (b. haven't reached working age.
  8. It barely kicks in anyway, I rode it before they added it - or at least before they were using it - and after and it really doesn't do much.
  9. Sending it to Dorney Park is stupid. They have bigger more impressive rides already... that nobody rides. This will debut with a 20min line on opening day and within one season will be a walkon.
  10. Assuming that game is the same as the one for Super Nintendo, that is one of my all time favorite video games. It's actually 100% different and about 150% better on Genesis.
  11. I'm a fanboy but I think it's probably going to Carowinds. It would make sense, there's not an impulse anywhere near here, Carowinds hasn't had a shuttle since the dearly missed White Lightning, it's a park with alot of potential that hasn't gotten anything lately, etc etc etc. Dorney sounds good on paper, but isn't it honestly more of a waterpark? Everything I've seen says during the summer, there's never a line for much in the dry side of the park. Don't really see the need for constant new coasters there.
  12. Maybe I'm getting old, but does anyone else find it absolutely nuts that Batman is 15 years old? Talk about longevity... hard to say anyone's done a MUCH better take on an invert since then. There are absolutely SOMEWHAT better inverted coasters out there, but what a tremendous design all the same.
  13. I'll inevitably visit Carowinds and SFOG at least once each. I'm gonna make a trip and hit PKI, CP, BGE, and maybe PKD if I have time for sure sometime in mid spring. I could hit GL but meh. I'd like to do Kennywood and perhaps GAm while I'm up North but I really dunno how much coasting my girl is up for. She tolerates and to an extent enjoys my coaster geekdom but doesn't have the same sort of appetite for them that I do.
  14. No, SFoT, oG, and STL are the core of Six Flags, being the original three parks. SFMM is more like a symbol of what's wrong with Six Flags as a company.
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