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  1. im a little late to reply but we got back from the trip on March 15th. and wow what an amazing adventure!! we hit 8 parks!! in 7 days!! this is my third time to Florida and it was by far the most amazing trip!! we went to MGM studios, Epcot, magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and wet'n wild water park....the give kids the world foundation gave us passes for front of the line entrance on any ride in any of these parks at any time!!! they treated us with VIP service which was really cool!!.................
  2. wow! great ride. the layout looks pretty interesting. keep it up!
  3. Amazing article!! as a matter of fact, my family and I will be staying there during the March break!! (10 days). they have been so supportive to us, it truly is an amazing place to visit. i myself was a cancer patient, 1 year ago, iam now 18.
  4. k im not sure if this topic has been done before, sry if it has, but anyway im going to orlando Florida on the March Break to probably ALL the parks, just wondering if you are allowed to bring your video camera on the coasters for a POV, or unless u have to sneak it on lol.
  5. wow!! awesome TR: lol my family and I are going on a cruise during the christmas break, but its on the carnival triumph shipl. lol which should be fun......[have a nice trip!]
  6. SAW III! 9/10 - probally the goriest movie ive seen, really good effects/ story. made me cringe lol.
  7. this is probaly a stupid question but anyway, im just wondering how u change that sentence abouve your avatar like mine says "i guess rodents are OK" lol pretty dumb question nd stupid topic lol.
  8. yea your right we are staying at the give kids the world complex, we heard fom others that it is indeed a nice place too! thanks for the info.
  9. well i went through alot to recieve this, i just recently recovered from a sever illness (cancer) and i was awarded a 8 day all inclusive VIP trip to Florida (from a wish foundation) for my family and i. which includes the following parks: universal studios/islands of adventure, all 4 disney parks, sea world, bush gardens and the kennedy space center. i also get to skip the lines of all the rides, which means no wait times ever!!!! i cant wait to go!!! were planning on going during the march break, just wondering how are the crowds during this time of the year........and what the weather might be like....lol thanks!!
  10. just wondering if anyone is gonna stay up all night to be the first to see the anouncement posted on the cedar point web site.?!? well im unalbe to stay up couse i gotta get up for school, ill chedk it around 6:30 in the morning when i wake up.
  11. ive purchased seasons passes to wonderland for about three years now, and i dont think ill be buying one for next year. PCW probaly wont even be getting a new ride for the 2007 season, which is why it may not be worth buying a pass. i was hoping for the MAXPASS to show up at PCW but i guess not.......
  12. im also from the Toronto area, and my family and i just visited Cedar Point in July. it was great we stayed at the hotel Breakers, it was a little expensive for a family of five but worth it, we got the 2 day park admition that lets u go into the park for 2 days which was $64.00 per person, if u stay at any hotel in the park u get in the park at 9:00am an hour early for early ride time on selected rides at the park. what ever your decision is im sure ull have a great time!!
  13. i have an iMac G5, the newest model specs: 20 inch screen and alot more......but heres a pic
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