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  1. Finally! They've been talking about building this for years now. I always wanted to go to Switzerland, with a coaster there now it'll be perfect .
  2. I actually liked it, ok its not a real intense ride but the feeling of hanging upside down is quite unique. I rode it two times when i was at Gardaland, and never really had an uncomftorable/painful ride, the hang time would maybe get annoying after a few more rides, but i enjoyed my two rides allot.
  3. The S&S Screaming Squirrel has the most hang-time, but i like Colossus at Thorpe more because of the variation, its like "hang,sit,hang,sit,hang,sit,..." and with the Screaming Squirrel the hanging gets annoying after a while.
  4. During off-season i spent much more time on this site or on rcdb checkin the "new for 2008" page every five minutes for news And of course i play NoLimits & RCT more.
  5. The late Looping Star (a Schwarzkopf) at Bobbejaanland, i liked it but for some reason i still hadn't lost my fear of inversions yet, it took me many years before i finally rode an inverting coaster again (at Walibi Belgium), but that time i overcame my fear and even became a rollercoaster enthusiast!
  6. Thanks for putting this list together, looking at these coasters being built gets me through the off-season, hopefully lots of new ones will be for Europe this year .
  7. Wow, the park looks great! The theming is indeed like never seen before, i just have to visit that one day!
  8. ^ thanks for the update! The layout looks cool, all compact & twisted, love it already!
  9. ^ thanks. Looks like it'll be a fun coaster, a good reason to come back to Gardaland some day! (I thought the park was great BTW, and the Screaming Squirrel was more fun then i expected).
  10. Looks awsome! I'll have to visit Denmark sometime (especially i want to ride the world's smallest B&M Floorless ).
  11. Looks Great! Can't wait to go there! It seems that lately (2007&2008) Europe is getting a lot of good new coasters (IMO, at least).
  12. Cool! I went there this summer but it was still just a bunch of rocks and sand, but its really progressed now, and it looks good! I just love the twisted lay-out! Thanks for the pics.
  13. Thanks for the pictures, its strange but yes tornadoes happen in the UK as well as in the rest of western Europe (my country included), they just barely cause any damage and occur (in Belgium, at least) less frequently. I was surprised when i heard about a tornado hitting The Netherlands some time ago, but apparently it happens. Here's a map that shows what countries have tornadoes: Map
  14. Yeah Troy's a great coaster, really awesome! By coincidence, i was there the same day as TPR and met Robb! I had no idea you guys were coming that day, otherwise i would of signed up for the ERT for sure! But i got in a reasonable amount of rides without the ERT (not that you can EVER get enough rides on Troy!!!). Anyways, nice to hear you guys hade a great day to!
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