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  1. haha nice trip report, you nearly had me on the photo-shop mind.
  2. Thanks! I think they were trying to avoid the waterfalls as it was very cold.
  3. Well, the day started off promising, i went straight to Rita while Mackem and Lew were coming via horse and cart. I arrived at Rita, which was broken down and was to be the case ALL day. I then went over to Oblivion, which then broke down but we managed to ride it twice, but not without Lew going crazy and a slight change wanting mackem to hold his hand . The park was quiet, food was okay, bit expensive i could of done with a bit more as my stomach wasn't satisfied. It was a great day and very funny. Repaired Cable Cars Station!! Testing today, not open yet though Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Alton Towers
  4. Went to Dudley zoo, it was a nice zoo, but you can tell age has its time. The old entrance isn't in use, the cable cars were abandoned. It was great though, nice walk around and the animals were looked after well. It does have 1 credit mind you, it seemed very home made. Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Dudley Zoo
  5. I have been here, infact last august. My hotel was opposite it. The skyflyer is very good! You get amazing views of florida, otherwise there are 3 go-karts. 2 Are really good, 1 is simple. The 2 main ones consede up on the wooden panels, and there is a tornado ride. There are some on my site, which the server appears to be down :S www.themeparkfusion.co.uk Scroll down to the florida days if you want to see, there is also a sling shot!
  6. Paultons Park, the family Theme Park near Southampton was paid a visit to yesterday, due to the opening of their new ride, a traditional Waveswinger, brand new but highly decorated in the fashion of most Chairoplanes. Me and Mum managed to clinch the first public ride of the year, so had a couple of goes, because the park was dead, and the weather wasn't that good either. Then it was over to Cobra. I needed 48 rides to clinch the 200 mark, and honestly thought I was'nt going to make it, but we had about 20 circuits, and only got off about 3 times. I soon got my total, and later in the day Mum clinched HER 200 ride total. After I got mine though, we headed over the other side of the park looking at the Hornbills and Toucans along the way, and sat in the cafe for a coffee and a muffin. It was then back to the riding, with a session on the Jumping Bean, a Zamprela bounce tower, always great fun. Then over to Kontiki, a Rockin' Tug ride, which we had to ourselves, me at one end and Mum at the other, then it was over to Stinger, a Zierer Tivoli large or medium coaster, great airtime over the crest of the lift in the back seat. Finally we decided we had to head off about 4 but still had a while so went back to Cobra for the last load of rides, still having moments of not getting out the seat, or if we did, it was only to get in the car in front, so he did'nt have to send it empty. Mum got her 2oo in the last session, and I finished riding on my 225th go . Thank you, annual passes Click here for photo trip report of Paultons opening, with waveswinger THANKS TO ANDREW KNIGHT FOR THE FULL REPORT - HE ALLOWED FOR IT TO BE POSTED THIS WAY
  7. Last season it was dodgems, they are now where circulator was, so there is a soft play inside the building.
  8. Mine: Okay... well.. first time i decide to get grand central return from local station to york , it got delayed on the way back, not too bad for me i just got another train while lew and mackem had to wait another 2 hours, then another 2 to get home haha i was home before theirs left york. Park was okay, quite nice, my online ticket didn't work so they had to make sure it wasn't fake which it wasn't, then i got in Kumali x 4 ( 3 at front velocity x 1 4-d my god 3rd row was broke so it was violent! And it went to start with ' Welcome to Busch Gardens HA!" Yea.. good day im tired, poor mackem and lew still at york while im at home New rides : Flip Flop = not there, Helitoys = not there = Not good Pictures New Entrance Wild Mouse New Ride! 4-D WalkWay Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Flamingoland Opening Day 2008
  9. I had to use my phone, the pictures are okay i think Construction! Nice day but really really cold!. Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Alton towers half term
  10. I was there on Thursday and last Wednesday. It was running fine both times, and ran fine. Only time where something happened was when they added more trains onto the track to enable all the station to be used.
  11. Busch Gardens ! Brilliant park. Kumba Best ride in florida another classic tourr you get SOAKED! Thanks for reading. Just one more to go Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Florida day 12 - Busch Gardens
  12. Nothing much ... just golf. Then 2 major parks. Very well themed. Bet you can't guess its a pirate one Soo fun. Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Florida day 11 - Mini Golf lol
  13. New Camara, getting used to it, so many features lol. Went to Magical Midway briefly and Ripleys believe it or not! Very expensive Can you do it ? Tell me what you see? The anwser is below Cows must eat alot or hair for those hair balls lol. Sling shottt! Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Florida day 10 - Ripleys - Believe it or not. Anwser for picture - 20
  14. Something totally different again ! Aerobatics flight in a Havard, air boat and old town in one day lol Rough ride at old town. me at bogg creek me getting in aircraft starting to taxi off i go. Very nice plane Bloody horrible ride. I thought it was a gentle swing untill it flips you over at high speeds. Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Florida day 9 - Old town and other. I will put the inflight video and from the front, which will show you the moves it preformed lol. Up to 5 g, better than any coaster. Ill get it when i get back
  15. Something totally different. Projekt Revolution! Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance. Projekt Revolution Tour bus with me! Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Florida day 7 - Projekt Revolution
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