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  1. Does this on firefox and chrome for me - but so far it seems to be working. I stopped after 3 coasters because I was dragging too much. I probably won't rank all coasters- just the good ones and popular ones. But if I don't rank all of them, how can i assign the worst of the worst? Maybe I'll get drunk and do it one night
  2. if it is built by GCI or Schwartzkopv it is fun. Thunderhead, Renegade the Gwazis, Lightning racers... Mind Bender and Whizzer - even scorpion
  3. That was a CCI wasn't it? Hydra's not the best but wow am I glad I didn't have to ride that crap last year
  4. FLYING DOG DOGGY STYLE i have a glass to go with it now!
  5. We won some weekend prize pack off of the radio which included concert tickets to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra play Turner classic movie stuff. It was my GFs last day before sending her off to college so i took her, it was free. They would play a portion of a movie and play the background music and you wouldn't even realize them being there because it was with the movie perfectly. Wizard of Oz 2001 a space odyssey Singing in the Rain King Kong and many more We sat in a row where a bunch of people won and none of us belonged at a symphony anything, so we talked. We a
  6. I was gonna write a novel to show you obama supporters that you're just voting for him because of what you've seen on TV and just how uninformed you are. "We need change" and stuff like that is just stupid. What are we gonna change to? I think that has already been brought up. I will vote for McCain because he is not a socialist. He will not have socialized medicine and will not pull out of Iraq. I can understand why yall don't like us being in iraq but it would be a complete douchebag move on our part if we just left the country now. Isn't it much safer over there now tho? Maybe we
  7. well scott, when you come back to the ATL, lets go find a bargame i started playing poker 6/3/03 at church camp haha started out with gravel in the parking lot then i found out that my dad's thin plastic chips are worth something then we started playing for $1 for incentive to win and not play halo then $5 and the most ive paid for a home game is $20 we built our own table in 03 and its still in great condition i was in a phase back in 04-06 where i just couldnt NOT cash ive won over $1000 from restaurants in food - 500 from mellow mushroom, my fav lately (this year) i
  8. no, i just eat it do you know your A 1 C?
  9. http://s36.photobucket.com/albums/e40/coreyml/2008%20coaster%20trip/ me, doug, jordan and J went left here round 1 got to hershey round noon got discount tix and went in - handicapped parking thx to me far N height - almost a 2 hr wait. front seat for me and J. I enjoyed the ride a lot. good pacing, smooth transitions and intensity which i love. Storm runner – great launch, tophat, drop…everything. That snake dive is amazing, my new fav. And don’t forget about the magnetic brake sexiness at the end. So simple, so great Wildcat - first GCI so I didn’t expect much. I
  10. i just went to both hershey had intiman goodness and 3 GCIs which was very attractive to me but yeah, theyre not the best. every coaster @ BGE is quality and the atmosphere is amazing
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