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  1. On Friday 27th July I was invited to the media launch of Knightmare, Camelot's latest Roller coaster. I arrived at 9.20am and was promptly badged up and taken to the entrance of Knightmare where I was offered hot chocolate and cookies (uumm cookies). There where people there from Century FM and Richard Jones from the RCCGB who is the naked coaster world record holder. Thankfully no records where to be attempted today. The event started off with King Arthur taking the podium and telling us about the ride. "It pulls 5 g's" was one of the statements made. After this there was a competition to see who could scream the loudest. Apparently to beat the world's loudest scream. The winner would get the prize of cutting the ribbon and opening the ride. This was won by Charlotte Jackson of Leyland and it was VERY loud. The ride was officially opened by Charlotte and King Arthur and they where the first to ride it. I rode it 3 trains in. The ride itself is very good with the so called Psycho drop almost half way round being the best part of Knightmare. It's very fast and smooth and has the most g in the ride. After this there are a series of downward spiral turns with one at each side of ride, which I had to admit where taken a bit slower than I would of liked. To finish there are a few sharp turns before hitting the final brakes, which are very forceful. I rode Knightmare 12 times and it did speed up as the day progressed. Considering that this was during the school holidays the park was very quiet. Most rides had a que of 5 mins and some like the log flume,dragon flight & falcons flight where walk on. One child who was queing next to me showed me his swollen finger and said he'd been stung by a wasp. I don't doubt it. They are everywhere, no matter where you are they will get you. Thanks to Robb for inviting me on my fist TPR trip. Hope to see you guys soon. King Arthur welcomes us all knightmare media launch 2007 009.mpg Video of welcoming speech The psycho drop The ride The winner of the loudest scream The contenders for the loudest scream The crowd gathers Main entrance
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned on here before: A new coaster has been announced for Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the 2007 season. A new exciting coaster perhaps? uuumm no, it's the Tramatizer from Southport Pleasure Land (the Vekoma SLC). I would of thought with Blackpool wanting to keep up there with the competition they would of got something decent. Why couldn't they sell off this ride rather than bring it from their now defunct sister park. With BPB not having a new coaster for 13 years this is a dissapointment. What do you think ?
  3. The Looping star portable coaster by Pinfari. The 1st drop is a killer, as is the right turn after the mid brake run, ouch !! being over 6ft this is pain on the knees.
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy a Roller Coaster Callender for 2007 from ? I've looked everywhere and can't see any. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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