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  1. Awesome pics- thanks! The ride looks great- reminds me of the Haunted Mansion. Can't wait to try it.
  2. That was fun. I wonder what Walt Mabillard's autograph would be worth on Ebay? I have lots of park/coaster stuff too. My favorites are postcards, books, and park maps. I also have a Maverick shot glass sitting by my 'puter. It really livens the place up.
  3. Thanks- that was a great trip down memory lane! Although it made me feel old for remembering Hong Kong Phooey and the Aristocats That Walrus thing at DW was cute.
  4. I love these too. My favs are Multi-V (tastes a lot like lemonade), Orange, and Citrus. I also like Life Water, which is very similar, and Tropicana's Juice Water. In a way, aren't most drinks just flavored water?
  5. Great pics, and great captions, as usual. All of those frozen Cokes look awesome. The pic of the Lucy's psychiatry stand is priceless.
  6. Awesome pics! This is such a beautiful park- the theming is great. I especially like the Mediterranean area. Dragon Khan is beautiful- even the sign. Those Western man and woman statues are kind of creepy looking.
  7. Great pics- looks like it was fun. My favorite were the animal pictures. The little piggies are ADORABLE! I can't get over the boobs on that Joker thing.
  8. CF for sure. CP is my favorite park- I also like King's Island, King's Dominion, and Canada's Wonderland. I've been to 2 SF (Georgia and Great Adventure), and found them to be fun but a little too commercialized- not sure if that's the right word. And they use all the same names for rides- and too many comic book/superhero names. How many rides can you call Batman, Superman, etc? Don't know why, it just annoys me.
  9. This looks like a Sardinian donkey, one of whom I knew when I worked at a zoo. He was very sweet. I am a volunteer firefighter but have never saved any animals.
  10. Great pics and captions. The walking vegetables are hilarious. The frozen Cokes look great, and I was drooling over that huge Ferris wheel. Did anyone ride it?
  11. Very sad. First Le Cachot, then the Old Mill, now this. Kennywood used to be famous for its classic dark rides. I loved the Gold Rusher, especially the part with the waterfall.
  12. Good question- made me think. Cartoons- has always been Scooby-Doo. TV- don't watch much TV. Beavis and Butthead, Cartman from South Park. Oh, and Samantha from "Sex and the City". Books- Nancy Drew- childhood favorite; Stephanie Plum, from the mysteries by Janet Evanovich.
  13. How terribly sad! And so young. Anybody who loves both coasters and animals is okay in my book! RIP Dan- hopefully you're reading this in coaster heaven
  14. Great pics. Looks like everybody had such a great time- especially Jahan (go Jahan!) I've only ridden the Beast once, in the day- I bet it's awesome at night! Firehawk is very photogenic, looks like fun. Love the night shot of KI.
  15. Awesome pictures! I just made the Giant Wheel one my wallpaper.
  16. Yes. I've waited much longer for much worse coasters (one of them is next to Maverick).
  17. Wow, for all of them 1. The Japanese pool is crazy- it's like wall-to-wall people. Does not look like my kind of fun. 2. The homemade water slide- very cool and ingenious. I wonder how they got up on the roof. Wouldn't it have been funny if the parents came home early. They should be proud, since it was quite an accomplishment. 3. The cats- just wow. How could she feed them all? Where do they sleep? Do they have names? Can she remember their names? I wonder if they keep multiplying. I wonder what the place smells like. On the other hand, it would be cute if they slept w/her- I'd like the feeling of cats laying all over me- though not that many- they might suffocate me.
  18. I'd say 2.5 hours and the ride was...... (drum roll, please) Mean Streak. (opening season) Yep. Needless to say, it was not worth the wait. Also, Raptor, opening season, maybe as long, but not in the hot sun, so more bearable. That's probably the max- I don't have the patience for much longer.
  19. What fun pics. It shows what fun these trips seem like. I love the one of Robb in the wings shirt and the caption! The hash browns in the first pic- I've never seen hash browns that look like that. I seriously thought it was spaghetti.
  20. Fun to speculate. Wouldn't it be funny if it was just a bathroom or something. A clean one w/TP- now there's an idea! Seriously, I don't see another coaster or major ride since they just added Maverick. I agree w/whoever said a water ride to replace the flume ride- that spot would be good to put in some sort of log or flume ride- they could give it Western theming.
  21. Great pics. "Hot as balls"- lol. Yes, it has been that hot here in the 'Burgh. You're right about the Old Mill at Kennywood- what they did to that was criminal. It was such a great, classic cheesy dark ride.
  22. I really had fun reading this TR. It looks like a really great trip- wish I could have gone. I can't believe this was your first time to CP- I'm glad you liked it. I didn't realize how many coasters were featured on this trip!
  23. Great TR and pics. Love the corn-eating one! The last one (bugs)- eeeeeew. I love Roll-o-Planes too! Half the fun is thinking you might fall out.
  24. Nice pics- especially the Sky Wheel ones. I love Sky Wheels! That flamingo lawn ornament is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Some of the other exhibits looked pretty cool.
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