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  1. Only time will tell. But untill then, until when the park ís a succes, I won't have any interest for the park. Your at the wrong address with me, when you demolish a classic ride, no matter if it's for a better future of the park. They could have sold the ride, but instead they destroyed it. Wrong choice, if you asked me.
  2. Always a good thing when you invest in a park. Though that doesn't mean that you should demolish a great classic ride. Now that the ride is gone, no matter how much they will invest in it, I have no more interest in the park.
  3. I read Robb's report and the report on coasterforce.com about Fuji Q. Both have a totally different opinion about the park. Robb finds this park 'one of the worst parks in the world'. Coasterforce has a totally different opinion about it: ''a fantastic park". I also see many different opinions about this park in this thread. Some are calling this 'a great park' and others just want to see it burning down to the ground. How come? Different taste of amusement parks? Well I thiks it's all based around luck. Rob visited Fuji Q on busy days. Waiting lines came up to 2.5 / 3 hours, wich totally sucks arse. It exposes one of the flaws this park has, leaving Robb with a bad opinion about this park. He thinks most rides suck as well, being rough as hell. Coasterforce has a rather positive opinion about the park. I didn't see any bad word about qeueu lines, except for the lines at Fuwa Fuwa (that impossibly named cute inverted coaster). They also say this park has many world class rides. Quite a different opinion than Robb's and most people here at themeparkreview. LUCK. Pictures shown at coasterforce, show the park pretty empty, most lines didn't have any wait time. In contrast to what Robb had every time he visited the park. So what can we conclude from this? Fuji Q has the potential to be a great park. Good rides (some people find Dodonpa rough, others think it's a great and intens ride, said that I think opinions about all rides in the park differ a lot), and if the park has no crowd, you can do most rides and have a good day. But if the park is crowded, you can see a major flaw that makes this park 'just' not the great park it can be. Lines get very long, so that you spend 90% of your time in the park on waiting in line, instead of riding. So the park has it's potential, but it could do better if they figured out the lines in some way or the other. Coasterforce people had the luck to visit the park on a empty day, Robb and the rest of you did not. End of story. I have not yet had the chance to visit Japan (in fact, I've never been outside of Europe), so I don't have a opinion about the park or it's rides myself. All I know is that if I ever have the chance to go and visit Fuji Q, I will go on a 'more or less' empty day. To bad though that you can't really plan how busy a park will be. Better luck next time Robb.
  4. Look closely. Though it has the same colours, it's not the same lay-out. I hope your familiar with Griffon's lay-out? Btw, it's indeed a cool model. I see. Well, would you still please post the fotos? Because Screamscape didn't had any. Thanks anyway.
  5. This IAAPA is very cool this year, from what I can tell from pictures on the web. Thanks for the updates, but where's Vekoma, Intamin or Maurer Söhne? Screamscape had a very fun but incomplete report, and there is no update here yet. Don't tell me you didn't visit those stands.....
  6. Looks truly insane. Another great Gravity Group coaster! BTW, I love the 'Raw Coasters' concept.
  7. Well, it would be the historical prototype SLC: El Condor! In walibi World, that is. Lex "And it aint that bad in the front-row seats!" van Woerkom
  8. Looks like you have had the usual blast. Great TR! But I wonder: everyone talks about Magnus Colossos, and how much of a 'lame', 'not that bad', or very 'stupid' ride it is. But is the SLC any good? Or is it a headslammer like most SLC's ?
  9. It was 20 photos and a video! WTF! It's not really bigger or smaller than any of the other Spain updates I've been doing! --Robb "I don't post an update...people complain...I post an update...people complain....*sigh*" Alvey I didn't complain. It just felt like a small update to me, so I noticed. It wasn't my intention to complain, sorry if you think otherwise. I also said it was a fun update, and it is.
  10. Ah, looks like your having fun! Good! That looks like the most awesome suspended kiddie coaster ever! But if I were you, I would take more pics of the park and the rides then just each other. And why ain't there a video of this visit? That would make the update complete.
  11. Ever heard of G-forces? That's just an onride movie. When your sitting behind your desk watching an onride aint as fun as riding the rollercoaster for real. So maybe it's dull, but if I hear those people screaming, I don't think it is dull at all. But still you have to ride it to have a good opinion about the ride of course.
  12. I'm going there these holidays. I'm lucky enough to have a friend at the building site! So he can tell me more about this coaster than I want to know. Yes, like everyone i'm looking forward to ride this masterpiece.
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