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  1. Does anyone Have an idea when we might see a "Soft Opening" I have a annual pass that expires in mid May and only renewed it because of the "Spring opening " of HP land and the Rocket the pass was only around $119 but haven't used it yet since my renewal When I go I stay on site at the Royal Pacific so don't know if that matters or can get in being a guest thanks Tom
  2. Rob I'm very disappointed that you didn't include a NUDE set of boobs for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. To many anal people in the US. I just got off the Wildwood Beach in NJ the last few days and tried very hard everyday not to look at the clothed Women on the beach I tried really hard not to look I swear. Rob Keep up the good work Keep the boobs coming
  3. its going to be berthed at Ft. Lauderdale FL. which is good since its cheaper to Fly to then it is Miami. Yes give it 5 years and Carnival will try to Up Royal Caribbean with hopefully a coaster. that would be cool say from the very top diving into the ship 18 stories lets see a Nolimits design of that
  4. NICE I was on this same ship in Sept.2007 I love the 4 overhanging Jacuzzi Booked again on its sister ship for 2009 and on the Upcoming Worlds biggest ship the OASIS of the Seas set to sale in 2010 it holds 6000 people 2 flowriders a zipline A boardwalk with carousel a Central park with grass take a look www.oasisoftheseas.com ZIP LINE \/ two flowriders \/
  5. I was there last month and was saying to my wife they need a Non-looping Hyper. (she doesn't like loops) and I also really don't care for loops. SO I think this is a great addition to the Park. I stay at the Royal Pacific on site every year and can't wait till next spring. As for the restraints what the other coasters have doesn't mean this will have the same restraints. can't judge in yet
  6. English is widely spoken in these parts of the world. Even in Baghdad the highway signs have been in both Arabic and ENglish even before the US invaded. All of Europe and the East will vacation here.its closer then Orlando for them. All these parks in one place. you can swim and Ski in the same day. Orlando will see a little decrease, see below www.orlandosentinel.com/business/orl-cf ... 081.column Does Dubai pose a threat to Orlando? \/ http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/business_tourism_aviation/2008/03/does-dubai-pose.html
  7. here some progress pics of the City http://robinseeds.blogspot.com/2007/09/dubai.html
  8. OK when is our first trip ? Start saving those pennies looks like 3-5 years out
  9. Not sure if this was posted yet Darien Lake to debut MotoCoaster Zamperla ride will open in May Published: 12 January, 2008 http://tinyurl.com/2h2l3m
  10. You guys stopping by Clementon on your east coast trip only about 6 miles off your route. if so I will come ride with you guys. and the Waterpark may be a good stop in addition to Tsunami / J2 / Puma
  11. *Admin Edit* Please review the posting rules and TOS. Posts that feature poor spelling and that make zero sense will be deleted and can get your account banned.
  12. I got my $49 season pass (I live a few miles away) here some Supersize pics of the new attractions / changes www.clementonpark.com/images/POLYNESIANELEV_LRG.jpg www.clementonpark.com/images/LagunaKahuna_BIG.jpg also I found Smoking only in designated areas Hand Stamps for reentry ( not bracelets ? ) Sweeping changes at the new Clementon Park and Splash World will begin with a beautiful new welcome sign on Berlin road featuring the family theme park’s modified name, new logo and dramatic lighting. re-surfaced parking facilities, a new park entrance and a whimsical Victorian themed main street area will be the start of a wonderful fun-filled day. lush landscaping, park-wide theming, new operational and guest service standards, updated restaurant menus and in-park entertainment will complement a collection of kids, family and high-thrill rides and attractions.
  13. 1-9-2008 www.courierpostonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll ... 09033/1006 CLEMENTON - A century old South Jersey landmark is getting a facelift. Clementon Park and Splash World's new owner announced today it is planning a major renovation that includes a 1-acre water park expansion and a longer season. Officials with Adrenaline Family Entertainment, Inc. - the Edmond, Okla.-based company that bought the park in August - said the park will reopen on Memorial Day with a Victorian-themed Main Street and Polynesian-themed water park. "It's a revered property, one that folks in this region hold close to their heart," the park's new general manager, David Dorman, said. "Generations of residents in this area remember going there, then taking their kids there."
  14. Yes top of the Lift look to the 1-2 o'clock position
  15. I love it for those reasons. If I want a calm ride I go on the choo-choo train. But I love this coaster you just need to ride it a few times. I love the 2nd hill if i didn't have the seatbelt on I would be standing up over that hill. The turn around I also love in the front seat, you see it coming top speed and hit it then dip into the TIGHTEST HELIX I ever been on CRAZY insane 50 seconds. Last I rode it in this summer it was kicking butt with about 17 rides in 2 hours I love it
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