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2012-- What was your highlight?

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I guess mine didn't post.


Honestly, this was my best year for coasting, by a complete landslide thanks to New Hotness. Some highlights.


-Jurassic Jungle Boat ride and subsequently TgI Friday's


-Absolutely incredible Phoenix night ERT. I probably got on 15-20 times, and quite a few in the legended 3rd seat.


-Thunderhead ERT with cinnamon bread. Honestly, we would just get off the ride and SPRINT around to get back in line. There was a certain level of adrenaline that pulled me through it.


-Dollywood, Knowbel's, and Busch Gardens in general. Though I had been to all three before, I still really enjoyed myself. Parks like these just make Cedar Fair and Six Flags seem like total disappointments.


-Experiencing the NEW Coney Island area. I had been there previously, and to see all the work that had been done was incredible to say the least.


-And as per non New-Hotness related highlights...


-Going to Delgrosso's, Lakemont, and Idlewild in one day for under 30 bucks. It was seriously just a blast to drive all around with my friend and go to these parks. I especially enjoyed my ride on Leap the Dips and my first (probably last) toboggan credit.


-Goimg to Disnry with my high school marching band my senior year. It was fantastic to sort of be the tour guide and watch people enjoy Disney World for the first time. Specifically, my best friend and I getting stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean for 40 minutes and almost not being back in time for departure, watching cast members push our boat to 'shore' and ultimately receiving 15 fifteen fast passes as a result of my dad calling in and exaggerating the circumstances.


-Above all, just meeting 50 people who I can finally relate with. I did not know many people who shared my passion for roller coasters quite like the people on New Hotness. I made some fantastic friends in Adam and Jeremy, to name a few and had the best two weeks of my life this summer. If that's not a solid enough argument to convince all of you to do a TPR trip, I don't know what is.

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Getting back to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens after a nine year hiatus. Finally experiencing what the fuss was all about regarding I-305 and it delivered. Also getting to finally experience a B&M Dive Machine with Griffon, which was aweseome, as well as Verbolten.


Getting to SFGAm after a seven year hiatus and getting reaquainted with Raging Bull and experiencing X-Flight.

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Some of my highlights where:


- Ofcourse the visit to the Europa Park Cocktail bar in Collosseo, as always!

- Touring through Spain with public transport & a wheelchair + 2 suitcases

- Shambhala! Didn't know B&M made such coasters?

- And last but not least! The NEW Aquanura watershow at the Efteling!

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Non Italy/Europe Highlights:

Marathoning Lex Luthor at the employee party

Being highly impressed with Manta

My Nor-Cal Road Trip (Not really a coaster highlight, but we did stop at the SCBB to ride the Giant Dipper, so it counts)


And then of course, the real highlight was The TPR Italy/Europe Tour


Italy/Europe Highlights:

Sightseeing in Rome

The BBQ @ Fort Fun

The TPR Takeover of Euro-Mir

Europa Park in general

That night at the Dragon Bar

This insane waterslide

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-Deep South Bash! Plus killing my car battery and locking the keys inside...I wonder what happened in there

-Klassy Kruise!!! Will never forget that frightening weekend

-24 hour Disney day! Like 6 of us made it and it was really like 26 hours with the early arrival and by the time we got out! Lights on Space Mountain also happened this day


Same! Tho as much fun as we had, I don't think I'll ever go on a Carnival cruise or spend 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom ever again. Once was more than enough!

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2012 coaster wise was great!


*LeviaTHON including the amazing ride on the SLC(yes!!) at Darien Lake in the pouring rain & Niagara Falls at Midnight on the first night plus many many other things during the trip.

*Also can't not mention Gay night at Six Flags riding Eltoro at Midnight 5 times in a row!

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Leviathan on an amazing night during the Haunt... Extremely cold temps just above 40*, the park was dead all day/night with walkon rides all day long... One or two train waits for front seat at most.


Had some of the most fun that day then I can remember in any park in a LONG time. At the end of the night we ran from Behemoth to Leviathan to get our last ride and literally made it at the last second. The guy closed the gate but saw us and let us go through, the last two in... We were on the last train of the night, front seat with two others and had the entire train to ourselves. Was really a magical night all around. Had some amazing Haunt stuff as well. Just such a fun day.


That is my vote.

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Radiator Racers is a huge success in my book, and being the only new for '12 attraction I got to experience this year, that was definitely a highlight. But what it really comes down to this year, was WCB at Magic Mountain. Sure, most people labeled it as a let-down, but riding X2 and Tatsu five times each at 11pm was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Thanks TPR and Six Flags for making such an amazing event this year, here's to next year's event!

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Now that 2012 is done and we are into 2013 I was reading this thread and looking back.


Highlight of last year was the first trip to Cedar Point, Fast Lane and riding Maverick 20 times in a day. I think we got in 75 coaster/flat rides in that day, was a fun time in the park.


Had so much fun we are planning a Kings Island/Cedar Point trip again this year.

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I made my way down to Valleyfair and Sea World San Diego for the first time last year and was shocked by how amazing Renegade and Manta were. Both are now on my top ten, but I still have fonder memories of Renegade's first drop on our first ride because of my sister flipping out over it. I'd call that a "highlight worthy" moment.

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Cedar Point.

Went with 3 of my best friends, and though they turned out to be very impatient, it was a great time...and we lucked out all waits were under 45 minutes (which seemed to be their threshold). 2 days at the park, did everything, often multiple times and finally got to ride Maverick after 2 failed attempts before. 4 times in a row!


There was more to it, like stopping in Cleveland for some beers, stopping at Penn State randomly, for some beers, and sandwhiches at Primanti's in Pittsburgh. Was a helluva trip.



Would love to get there every year, especially with Gatekeeper new this season, just hope they can learn to tolerate a line

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Okay, I could say the highlight of 2012 was my visit to Holiday World and riding their awesome water coasters and soon-to-be awesome roller coasters, or my three day visit to Silver Dollar City, but it was actually in Six Flags Great America that I had perhaps the biggest highlight of my riding career.


Every rider and amusement park flyer knows that if you visited Six Flags Great America and you didn't ride The Whizzer, then you didn't do anything. I got up there and rode it twice, first time in the morning and the second time as my last ride of the evening. The park was crowded, but I did managed to ride a total of 17 rides of both coasters and flats (including their newest coaster X-flight). I wore my "Coaster Hero"T-shirt that I bought several years ago at Six Flags America.


As I rode in the front of The Whizzer, the ride operator on the microphone began to acknowledge me by saying, "And here we have a Coaster Hero to save the day by riding this coaster!" After I rode the ride and got off, the ride attendant said, "And the Coaster Hero has save the day, so let's all give him a big hand!" What a great ending to a great day at the park!


"What's my highlight fo 2012? It's the time when PLB was so sick he stayed in bed all day and rested his head upon mine. We need to have more days like that!"

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