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2012-- What was your highlight?

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For me this is easy, 14 parks in 18 days and West Coast Bash.


Everything about WCB except for Allegiant air flying out at 6:30 am on Monday.

X2, TATSU, Goliath, and so on at MM

Sitting in the Miantenece Ball Knotts, Xcelerator, Montezumas Revenge, and more.


Loved going back Canadas Wonderland. This time not having to run from bathroom to bathroom using the hand dryers to keep warm. Loved Levitathan and the insane ERT. Behemoth ranked highly as well. The park staff was awesome, probably one of the frendliest parks I have EVER been to. After all we ended up with Credit Whore ERT lol. Water challenge was a blast. Met alot great TPR people. Also Jack Hammer, I normally hate rides like this but it was alot of fun. Especially watching the kids we set with cry.. LOL


The shotgun stop at Knobels and getting there :30 before closing with a big can of Red Bull and making the run to the back of the park on our way the Hershey from Darien Lake.


Hershey Park! Need I say more. Wish we had been able to ride Sky Rush a second time, and see if I coukd have made it less painful.


Six Flags Great Adventure. ROLLBACK on Kingda Ka sitting in the second row, probably the single most awesome thing this summer. El Torro, hanging out with TPR and the two bouts of rain sending everyone home.


Dorney park, hated HYDRA, but happy to have ridden aother featured ride from Insane Coaster Wars. I know this sounds dumb but riding Steel Force (Mamba at WOF brother)


East Coast Bash, I-305! Gentlemen start your engines!!! Griffon Griffon Griffon. I love me a B&M Dive Machine. Verbolten. A lights on ride on Flight of Fear.


Six Flags America - Batwing (One Vekoma thats really Killer), Jokers Jinx, Pengins Blizzard river.


Carowinds, finally riding a Bomerang that doesn't suck tota a$$.


Dolywood and Mystry Mine, dont forget. Fire in the hole! (I know thats SDC but they said it, I didn't.) Some really good food.


Lake Winnie and the really awesome scary planes and the water flume. (Hey Rob, thanks for this tidbit.


Finally Six Flags over GA. Really had fun here. Was sad it was the end of the Vacation. Mind Bender, Daredevil Dive, and Goliath. Thankfully no Wheelie (sorry Tyler).


Finally watching the construction of Outlaw Run.

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Riding the Riverview Carousel

Visiting the 2nd Great America

Visiting my first park outside the US in 8 years

First Time going to Florida since 1991

My 300th Coaster (Mind Bender at SFOG)

First Park in California

First Park in Georgia

First Carnival Park since 2002

Riding the Only Roll-O-Plane in the World

First Time Sleeping on the Floor in a Hotel

Completed the "Superman Ultimate Flight" trilogy (B&M Flying Coasters)

First Wing-Walker Coaster

First Time Going through Haunted Houses in 10+ Years

First Zamperla Volare (I had to experience it for myself)

First Visit to A SeaWorld/ Busch Gardens Park

First B&M Speed Coaster With the Exception of Raging Bull (3 New B&M's)




First Time Riding over 50 NEW Coasters in 1 Year

Offically becoming a "Coaster Abused Housewife" riding 3 Windstorm Coasters in 1 Year (I am not making light of Housewife Abuse)

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Catching the brass ring at Knoebels

Visiting 9 amusement parks (an all-time high for me)

Getting 41 new credits (another all-time high)

Riding 3 of my top 5 coasters (El Toro, I305, and Bizarro SFNE)

The fact that SFOG, SFGAdv, and SFNE were actually fairly nice parks (compared to SFA, at least)

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Well there is soo much!!


The biggest and by far is TPR New Hotness!!

Within that, it's hard to say, as literally everyday rocked!

*Rollback with JC, Dylan, Jeremy, and a few others on Kingda Ka! Plus insane Toro ERT (that RT hill... OMG!)

*GLOWFEST ERT!!! Going around the circuit 3 times in a row without stopping in the station on Phoenix!! Knoebels in general!

*I305 ERT morning and night!

*Literally everything about BGW (New favorite park!)

*Dollywood and insane Thunderhead/Cinnamon Bread ERT with Adam and Taylor!

*DSB and the Water Challenge, plus Goliath ERT!!

(I'm getting depressed remembering all these things, I WANT TO GO AGAIN!)


I got invited to be part of SWSDs opening day ceremonies (also my birthday) and got to ride front row on the 3rd public train EVER! I later met and talked to the CEO of Mack Rides! WOOOH!


This year was fantastic, I broke 200 credits, traveled the country and met a TON of great people! I LOVE TPR!!!

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Millennium Force for the first time ever in the middle of the night over and over again for Season Passholder Night.

Ghostrider in the backseat

Experiencing the original Pirates for the first time

Being scared on Tower of Terror at DCA because I was expecting it to move forward like the one at DHS

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-Losing my Haunt virginity at CGA.

-Meeting other TPR members (can't go wrong with that!)

-Clench-n-squish Logger's rides, NOT Dan-friendly but completely insane and fun nonetheless

-Gold Striker construction, need I say more?


Most memorably, the local TPR members and I learned how to snap a set of flyers! The two videos below are proof that CGA's flyers (Larson) are very snappable given the rider turns the sail with good timing.




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1. Apollo's Chariot during fireworks. Not only is everything better at night, and everything better during fireworks, but the water makes the bottom of the drops cold, but the crests of the hills are warm. Sensory overload!


2. Me, front row, Blue Fire, MCBR. Nothing more needs to be said.

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1 - Being part of the TPR late-night group that got kicked out of the Dragon Bar at Phantasialand for breaking too many glasses.


2 - TPR Europe Trip. All of it, especially Europa. The madness of Euro-Mir and Euro-Sat will never be forgotten.


3 - TPR Italy Trip.

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Riding Cyclone at SFNE with rain-slicked topper track. Always heard it was borderline unrideable before topper track, so you can imagine how surprised I was to have it land in my top ten wood list!

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- Riding the Fire Dragon at night for the first time with all new lights, with doing that 4 times in a row later in the year.

- Being the only one in a over-filled 9-seater raft on Rattlesnake Rapids to not get soaked because my friend tried to climb over me when the waterfall passed by.

- Riding Rattlesnake Rapids multiple times at night, and get a wave of water to drown me when I yelled at the ride to get me soaked.


Honestly, when you have enough people to fill a raft on those intamin water raft rides, they can be super fun!

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Season Pass holder ert on Top Thrill Dragster was pretty amazing. I got to ride it at least nine times in a row, including a front seat ride. It was amazing because everything else in the park was dead outside of TTD.




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My highlight of 2012 has to come from an August trip to PortAventura. I managed to get a front row night ride on Shambhala and it was incredible.


It's closely followed from a night ride on Saw - The Ride at Thorpe Park about a week ago. The ride isn't particularly special (even though it's still great) but the reason I loved it is because it was my first ever time at a park for a halloween event and it was fairly scary, but still enjoyable. Not as good as Shambhala though ;P

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All the parks I got to go to this year, and the fact that I rode some of the best rides in the Northeast US area. Leviathon was pretty awesome as well. (It's a TPR trip how can it not be awesome?)


the fact that I hit another coaster milestone while hanging out with TPR people.


2012 was just a good year for me in general.

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This year marked the first time I've been to SDC since I think 2003, and it has been more fun than I've ever had. Taking our kids there is something truly special.


5. Watching the construction of Outlaw Run, from the first time I visited for Spring Break weekend and saw this wooden structure peeking above the trees to seeing the finished (albeit trainless) product from the steam train. I kind of have a thing for construction....


4. One Saturday this summer with storms all morning. I watched the NOAA forecast, which stated it would clear up by 11. Absolutely spot-on, and the park was 80 degrees and no lines all day. We did EVERYTHING!


3. Catching up on all the rides I've missed: Electro Spin (Disko), River Blast (Splash Battle), Giant Barn Swing (Screamin' Swing), and especially POWDER KEG!


2. The whole family getting to ride Becky's, ahem, Hugo and Mary's Carousel. All the animals were made by the craftsmen at SDC, and it's something special from my childhood.


1. My oldest daughter riding Thunderation for the first time, and subsequently naming it her favourite ride. I couldn't be prouder of her.

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Did absolutely nothing on the coaster front this year; didn't even go to a single park. But my highlight was spending the weekend in Atlanta with TPR after DSB to give Ally, Cammy and KT their own little girls vacation. I know they loved every second of it because when we had to leave on Sunday all three girls burst into tears! It broke my heart but also let me know how much fun they had and that we'll definitely have to make a road trip to Orlando in the future!

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