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2012-- What was your highlight?

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twenty twelve was a great year for us (providing it doesn't end in December)...My theme park highlight of the year, was having my 9 month old son ride his first roller coaster in Canada (at Marine Land as we are terrible parents). Other highlights included another amazing TPR trip (Leviathon), Riding a Schwarzkopf with RD (pretty sure he orgasmed during it), Losing my iPhone during ERT on Nitro and getting it back an hour later (Thanks!), Late night lobby parties, amazing trips with close friends to Dollywood and Epcot and seeing old friends and meeting new ones..


What were your 2012 highlights?

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These all took place at SFOG. Yes, I know I'm pathetic.

- Front row ride on Georgia Scorcher at the end of the day.

- Hitting up Wheelie one more time

- Having my church take over Log Jamboree

- No lines at all!

- Awesome airtime on Goliath

- Planning next year's visit to SFOG

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A couple notable highlights from this year include:


Riding Leviathan, Behemoth, Steel Force and Griffon in the pouring rain

Riding Behemoth 59 times in one day for Give Kids the World

Seeming to get hit with every waterfall on every rapids ride I rode this summer

The total shock of how much I enjoyed Michigan's Adventure

Not riding a Boomerang for the entire season

I305...'nuff said

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Riding Skyrush front and center on public opening day. Heck yes. There's a photo of me riding it with an interesting expression on my face floating around on the internet somewhere...


Also, crazy-aggressive pitch-dark Phoenix in the back seat during Phall Phunfest. I'd bet that Chris (Ccron10) would agree with me on that one.

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I have three highlights and they are:


Riding Skyrush 10 times in one day!

Riding the Phoenix at Knoebles in the dark, in the 3rd seat twice without getting off (last ride of the day).

Getting to go to South Korea to ride my new favorite wooden coaster T Express! And riding the only Aquatrax in the world.

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Every year outdoes the last, and 2012 certainly wasn't an exception.


-Awesome West Coast Bash weekend with great friends

-Coastin' for Kids Behemoth marathon

-Two week mega camping road trip with friends and TPR bashes


And then there was that huge China trip...


-Held a Giant Panda

-Valley-ed random coasters

-High Five coaster

-Tian Tan Buddha

-Awesome new friends


Oh, and the annual fall park weekend with friends!


What a great year. And assuming the world doesn't end, next year should be good too!

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-Wild Eagle opening weekend, but more for the fact that I spent the weekend with awesome friends in an awesome cabin.

-Riding Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride with the same awesome friends!

-Memorial Day weekend and quest for #300 (including Skyrush and Verbolten) which had many bumps along the way but was a success thanks to Steve.

-Orlando visits by many friends in October....such a great time!

-Bean's first Beaner Boat Ride!

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I probably didn't do nearly as many things as some of you guys did but for me it was a good year. I'm gonna do a top 5 moments.


5. Trash talking an eagles fan going into fright fest preview night at great adventure. Him and his friends were being obnoxious with all their eagle chants so me and my friend start trash talking their team to shut them up (we're giants fans)


4. Finally going to hurricane harbor


3. Running to nitro at opening which i never do (i usually always go for toro). Me and my friend were the first people in line for nitro and for the 1st time ever, we sat in the front row. What was funny was that these 2 other kids joined us in the front and NOBODY else was on that train because everybody wanted the front row so we had the opening train of the day for just the 4 of us .


2. Riding my most anticipated ride ever in millennium force. It was my first giga coaster and really the main reason why i went to cedar point this year. I unfortunately ended up being disappointed in the ride but still a nice milestone for me.


1. GOING ON A VACATION TO CEDAR POINT!!! I've been wanting to go here more than any other amusement park for at least 3 years. My parents agree to take me there as a graduation present. Best parents ever! They went there completely for me because they didn't really have anything to do there. My dad drove 8+ hours to get there. Glad I went here as I ended up falling in love with magnum and maverick plus i additionally got a trip to canton to see pro football hall of fame .

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2012 has been a good amusement park year for me and here's why:

-Won tickets to 2 water parks, one being a water park I've never been to

-Speaking of water parks, I got my first drop capsule slide credit...all I can say is that it is hands down the freakiest moments I've had in a long time!

-First media event invite, for CGA's Gold Striker (hopefully won't be the last

-First coaster construction I've actually been able to follow and contribute to the coaster community

-Finally got my first real snaps on a Flying Scooters ride (and got my first e-stop as the ride op had no clue what was happening)

-Several other fun moments at the park (Finally met several coaster enthusiasts/TPRers and now we almost consistently meet up, usually ranging between 5-7 people, maxed at 12 for Haunt opening night!)

-Trip to SCBB to get my final ride on Hurricane


Most of my highlights are pretty much centered around my home park but it's still been an exciting season there!

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My 2012 season was awesome but I did not go to any other theme parks except kings island(hopefully that will change next year)

1.My first beast night ride

2.Riding diamondback 30 times this season.

3.going to KI 16 times this year.

4.a record breaking marathon in the hot summer on flight deck at 10 times in a row.

5.xtreme sky flyer ride man was it amazing!

6.Riding flight deck and adventure express over 20 times.

7.First ride on Flight of Fear.

8.level 3 fun perks

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